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16 yr old pilot flying supplies to rural VA

McLEAN, Va. - TJ Kim can’t play lacrosse -- COVID-19 took the sport away. And at age 16, he can’t drive alone. But Kim can fly. And he’s turned his flying lessons into missions of mercy, bringing desperately needed supplies to rural hospitals in need. ( 기타...

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I am proud of this young man using his new skills for the betterment of others. I hope other young Americans, pilot and non-pilot alike will follow his lead.

Perhaps this is a start to bring our country back together for a common cause.
I hope a representative of the military academy sees what this young hero is doing. In my book he's earned his slot!
Well done Young Man , I'm extremely Jealous of you as you can do something that I can't do and that is fly and using this to deliver goods and medical supply's all helps ,not only people in need but to you as it tones your skills . I hope other young people take note and get off their backsides .
Always good to read some happy news.
Yes Sir It really is, what with ALL the News Media filled with doom towards us ? and the almost the end of our Planet as we know it ? (plus the Internet too of course ).

It's so nice to learn of something good and kind being done like that ? and by this young Pilot too.
Way better than shooting hoops in the driveway.
He has a great future in aviation, or whatever humanitarian field he may choose. Way to go, kid, way to go!
I Agree Mr Grady this young man could be well accommodated flying Angel flight here in Australia or a similar organisation in the USA flying sick children to medical hospitals foe urgent operations or cancer treatment .
Kudos to this young man! He is providing a necessary service during a time of crisis, enhancing his skills as a pilot and building flight hours. It is great to read a story about good things happening in this world.
sparkie624 3
Good Man... Even though he is only 16, he is doing more than many men that should be doing something...
sparkie624 1
Just found an update to this story: "Earning his wings: 16-year-old pilot delivers donated medical supplies to Bath County hospital" - - Enjoy! Good to see kids doing well instead of creating problem... Need more news articles like this one.
Well done young man I hope U get ur wish to attend the Naval Academy & become a Pilot
Congrats & Thank You
So he's flying these supplies on a student pilot license? Minimum age for a US private pilot license is 17
sparkie624 1
I think it is great.... As long as he is not charging anything for transporting those supplies he is good, and by the sounds of the article, I do not think that he is... A Good Kid, doing a Very good thing.! Be nice if more people did that sort of thing.
I think he is flying on a student pilot permit, and using his cross-country flying exercises for a secondary purpose.
He meets the minimum age requirements for a student pilot licence, which is 16. FYI, the minimum age for a student glider permit is 14 years.
I certainly don't want to throw cold water on the worthwhile intent of this young person. However, a student pilot authorization is a license to learn. A constant killer year after year in general aviation is mission over-emphasis such as get-home-it-is. It's asking a lot of any pilot (much less a 16 year old) to turn back such as when a VFR pilot encounters worsening weather. (The hardest turn in aviation - the 180). A 16 year old likely doesn't have the flying or life experience (or fear of dying) that an older pilot has. While possibly technically legal for this young person to pursue the admirable goal of carrying relief supplies, I'm not convinced it's the wisest choice.

BTW: I was first licensed in 1976, hold an ATP, and have flow professionally since 1988.
There is so much that GA pilots ( young and old) can do in times of need. Nice to hear
Great job well done keep it up. Ray in uk.
Nice work but there is also blind spots in the sky.


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