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American Airlines Donates More Than 81,000 Pounds Of Food Across The Country

American Airlines donates more than 81,000 pounds of food across the country, including food banks in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix who received donations. The airline partnered with Feeding America to help restock their dwindling supplies. ( 기타...

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delta airlines is doing a similar thing..that is truly sharing and caring..
It's really nice to see what the airlines are doing.
Ok thats nice American.....maybe you could donate to the refund you still owe me!
Muchits 1
The food donated was already purchased ahead of the pandemic for in-flight and loyalty club operations. BTW Go Spartans!
It was going to expire and would've been required to throw it out. At least this way it doesn't go to waste and American gets a charity tax write-off
Muchits 1
Yes exactly! Delta is donating over 200,000 pounds
Have you tried doing a card charge-back?


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