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American bids fond farewell to five fantastic fleets

Last month, American Airlines announced plans to accelerate the retirement of some older, less fuel-efficient aircraft from its fleet sooner than originally planned. As flying schedules and aircraft needs are fine-tuned during this period of record low demand, American will take the unique step of retiring a total of five aircraft types. American has officially retired the Embraer E190 and Boeing 767 fleets, which were originally scheduled to retire by the end of 2020. The airline has also… ( 기타...

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ADXbear 7
A333 and B757.. marvelous aircraft.. sad endin.
Those earlier model 333s were not very capable when compared to similar era 772ers and the onboard product offered never really stacked up to the competition. In general I agree the A333 is great but they never lived up to their potential with US or later AA.
I'll miss the cup holders in the A333 that were large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine, but will not miss the dated configuration of the 752s or the angle flat seats on the 763 s
btweston 1
Awesome alliteration
this article or a similar one was posted any case...retiring the smaller aircraft indicates cutting back on routes to smaller communities or airports..the larger aircraft in some cases are being used as any case,in some ways we are going backward in time to fewer routes,less air traffic and fewer options for flights..

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This is probably more a comment on the kind of airline you use than a comment on the aircraft.
I see Robert is his usual cheerful self: always a ‘bright’ ray of sunshine after getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Must get boring looking @ that unhappy mug every morning in the mirror just before he kicks the dog on the way to work.
Hah. Funny...

I flew on a Untied Express RJ that someone had puked in, on the first flight out of here. It had flown to the hub TWICE that day, and the puke hadn't been cleaned up. Yes, it is very much the airline, and in this case the contracted carrier that allowed plane loads of passengers to be exposed to the vomit of a passenger. On another flight, my wife found a full diaper in the seat back pocket of the seat next to her. Good thing it was an empty seat.

The RJ flying companies are forced (or forcing) themselves to 'push tin' no matter the condition of the planes. THAT was my beef with the RJ. The need to get the planes from point A to point B drives the disgusting condition of the planes. The contract carriers are dinged for ever late plane. Spending extra time to clean up puke, or search seat back pockets costs time, and can cost money.

SO down vote me all you want. I refuse to fly in those damn planes as long as I have an option. I've driven 2 hours to avoid those planes. It's not worth it, to me, to accept their slovenly conditions. Especially now, I'd avoid them with every fiber of my body. You can't trust those companies to place passenger safety and comfort above the demands they accept from the majors. People are worthy of be transported in a clean and non-gag inducing plane.
And you blame the aircraft for this? Makes no sense. My last flights on RJs were triche from PAD to MUC with Lufthansa and once from ORY to BIA with Air France and the aircraft were clean.
“twice” instead of triche, sorry.
btweston 2
Yep. They just come right out of the factory that way. Full of dirt and morons.


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