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Airbus officially opens its A220 production facility in the U.S.

Anew chapter in the development of Airbus’ U.S. production capabilities has begun with inauguration of the completed A220 commercial aircraft final assembly line (FAL) in Mobile, Alabama. ( 기타...

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Who would say bullying, greed, and arrogance doesn't work? This is the Bombardier that was frozen out of the US market by Boeing lobbying an ignorant federal regime.
Grant Phillips
I aggre with you 1000%, Boeing not able to develop a modern and efficient aircraft preferred start a fare war to hurt sales of the extraordinary Bonbardier C-series
Good news to reduce jobless
Good for Alabama a state that need more job .
I m Very happy for.
Roll Tide!!!
Made in the USA...I love it!
Assembled here, many parts come from elsewhere on the planet.


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