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Congo Teen Caught Trying To Stow Away Inside Jet Engine

Ground crew at the Maya-Maya airport (BZV) in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo spotted a Congo teenager trying to stow away on a private Hawker 125-800XP. ( 기타...

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Ugh. A bird strike makes a mess. A human strike would be catastrophic.
It is the impact at power that does the damage... A Bird sucked into an engine just starting or not will not do any real damage.... Just makes a mess.
Could the engine even start with a person there as he would be right against the fan? Could the high pressure compressor still get enough air to start with the fan jammed by the person's body? This is assuming he was missed during pre-flight.
Yes, but it would be a Hot Start, Probably it's last start. It would not be able to produce any real power. It only takes airflow to start the engine... But a lot more air to produce power/thrust. After that event, he would survive the start, but not with any real power, nor would the engine survive and I seriously doubt it would have enough power to get off the ground. Also, he would probably have to take up Lip Reading and Sign Language!
bbabis 2
He could jump in after the cabin door was closed so, with no fault of the crew, one of three things would happen.
1. When that thing he was sitting in started to whine and pull him in he would quickly jump out and run in fear.
2. He would prevent the fan from turning or impede it enough that the crew would see an abnormal start and terminate it
3. He could try to hold on tight away from the fan and the engine would probably start and idle pretty normally. At that point hats, sandals, other lose clothing, and small body parts may enter the engine and then the crew notices something wrong.
It could have been a whole lot worse but I doubt he would be killed before he or the crew knew something was very wrong.
I’d like to think the crew would have noticed something was amiss during preflight.
Let's show some compassion my God he appears to be only around 15 or so. Living in what he knows his world to be w/o any hope of a possible future he probably wasn't thinking...>I know, I know at 15 we all did everything right.

Given his body mass and that backpack that would have been a Hot Start on the #2. Praying for the young man has a future and his country can help their own citizens.
Actually, kind of a sad situation. Best it ended with him being safe...
Speaking of Starting a new life in Europe.... that would work... But not quite sure that is the kind of new life he would want.
We had a boy, 12 - 15 years old found dead in the wheel well of a C-130 at Ramstein AB in 2014. I cannot imagine the desperation that would make someone take that chance.
Those are Tragic events.... Wish I could say that is a unique event, but sadly, it is not!
bbabis 0
Probably all he knew was that these things flew and went somewhere else. If it was like a bird, the wings flapped and that hole back there looked like a good place to hide. Glad he was found and that his desire to live a better life is fulfilled.
Gives new meaning to chopped liver
very tight compartment, very cold, low O2 content, and a gynmastic event upon final approach , gear down. What is the fascination with this event?

Greg S 2
I don't think you realize that he was trying to hide in the engine inlet in front of the compressor fan, not in the wheel well. He would've been ingested and liquified.
You're giving him that much benefit? He was a dead man the moment the engines started up.
For sure a shoo-in for the Darwin Award of the year.


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