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Cessna Skyhawks Out Number Commercial Aircraft

One of the byproducts to the current pandemic is the number of GA aircraft outnumbering commercial airliners in the skies. At the time of this writing, there are more Cessna Skyhawks flying than 737s and A320s. Truly an interesting sight! ( 기타...

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This is a little misleading. These are "airborne" craft. I caught that after seeing the number of Cessna 152s.It is still impressive.
It does say flying or airborne but what I do find misleading is that the skyhawks aren't broken down into specific models yet the first comparison just basically compares the 172's against the 737-800, but if you add all the Boeing 737's of all models then the total of some 1,183 far exceeds the Skyhawks.
I was referring to the headline,which made no mention of airborne. You make a good point about the variants.

the market must have shifted on light singles as well


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