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Denver airport’s terminal renovation is running low on cash, putting key upgrades at risk

Denver International Airport’s marquee terminal renovation is headed for a severe budget crunch that threatens to leave core components of the project — including new upper-level security screening areas — unfinished or significantly curtailed, according to emails obtained exclusively by The Denver Post. ( 기타...

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linbb 3
So what they need a go fund me? Tough luck move on they already fleeced the taxpayers when it was build along with poor construction that had to be redone.
Greg S 2
Renovation? Wasn't the airport just built 20 years ago?
It's just sitting there now, been thru multiple times and haven't seen anyone working on it, I hardly see "taxpayers being fleeced" the more flights the more tax on hotels, food etc. Before the Pandemic it made perfect sense, United has flights going out of A B and C at this point


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