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Passengers 'mutiny' over Ryanair bag fee

(CNN) -- Lots of people fume over airline fees, but one group of travelers became so enraged over having to pay extra charges that they were kicked off a plane over the weekend. ( 기타...

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Allan Cook 0
Sooner or later passengers will desert this airline ..everything about it is unpleasant and it's not that cheap
They also charge 40 Euros if you did not print the boarding pass at your expense, and have it in hand to board. People who accept the hidden fees without full disclosure deserve more of the same. It is as hard to determine the cost of a flight as a cellular telephone call.
I have to agree. Ryanair are just not that cheap. I will ALWAYS avoid this carrier.... I have just returned from the canary island. I was away for 5 weeks so had a fairly heavy case, as did my partner.
After working it out it was cheaper to fly scheduled than with this lot.
For some reason I don't trust the maintenance - low costs, cuts here and there... safety?. I'm not risking my life for cattle class service. As Mr O'Leary says if you don't like it go else where... and I have!
Also the fuel burn for a bag of that weight will NEVER come to nearly $50 on a 4 hour flight....


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