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Boeing's 2020 MAX cancellations near 400 in July

Boeing Co lost another 43 orders for its grounded 737 MAX planes in July, bringing the total cancellations for the jet this year to 398, while delivering only four of its other aircraft to customers, monthly numbers showed on Tuesday. Based on a tighter accounting standard, Boeing said order cancellations now stand at 857 for the MAX, whose recertification is still hanging in the balance more than a year after its worldwide grounding due to two fatal crashes. The four deliveries - one each of… ( 기타...

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It was and still is a good aircraft, it had problems but with good pilots flying it it was totally safe, just look at the crashes, none with the large carriers. In it's worst day I would still rather fly one rather than an Airbus. Working on them is also another story.
well said skyaware 123
go airbus
ADXbear 2
Lots of airports need a restaurant..these would make nice homes as well.
I just dont see pilot unions or the public willing to fly on these.. cut your losses..
The article doesn’t say whether any of the cancelled orders are for planes already built and sitting on the ground. A cancelled order for a plane not yet built doesn’t leave a plane available for conversion to restaurant or home.
Smart flyers will prefer the Max. They know it's more trustworthy after Boeing has been put through the wringer by regulators the world over.
It will not get a pass for any signs of trouble.
Smart flyers will know this is only the tip of the iceberg with issues. Smart flyers will also know software is never bug free.

Smart people don't just mindlessly accept everything the government rubber-stamps.
Every country that grounded the plane has to approve the redesign, not just the US.
Smart flyers don't mindlessly listen to the rhetoric of people with an axe to grind either.
trustworthy? really?
The effects of COVID on air travel are providing Boeing a golden opportunity to work on a clean sheet, contemporary design for a 737 replacement which could be available just as air travel recovers to pre-COVID levels. Instead, it appears they're still sitting with their thumbs up their ***es looking for approval and handouts from Mommy.
double whammy for Boeing; crashed 737maxes + covid19. Airbus thanks you.
mmxtdg 0
Sadly and predictably, Boeing lost its way by letting its arrogant entitlement mindset block out realistic professionalism and honest self-assessment. They obtusely keep "recycling" or "refurbishing" the same product and verbal context, in the hope that somehow or sometime the FAA will magically get an "epiphany" and come around with a change of mind or a loophole to save them from themselves. I will continue to verify my flights are using Air Bus. It IS personal, as well as good business, to fly safely, Boeing! Just sayin´...
I still don't trust Airbus aircraft after AF447, and frankly I think the grounding of the 737 MAX was an overreaction on China's part. (They were the first country to ground the plane.)


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