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Germany to abandon airport testing and reimpose quarantine

Germany is expected to announce this week that it will replace Covid-19 testing at airports for passengers from high-risk countries with a mandatory quarantine period of up to 14 days, prompting dismay from airline representatives. ( 기타...

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We are now regarded by the rest of the world as a pariah, rogue nation. We're right up there with Iran and North Korea as a purveyor of evil. That's what we export the most of- evil intent. We are not welcome anywhere. We are seen as diseased and stupid. This situation will be the new normal as long as we are led by Donald Trump.
Never underestimate the stupidity of the amerikan electorate. We elected this moron knowing full well how evil his motives were and are. He remains Mussolini in waiting, and an authoritarian fascist dictatorship awaits us unless we come to our senses. We are now in the company of nation's that we used to send election monitors to. The worm has turned.
I hope this is no longer in effect come next May. Will be traveling thru Frankfort with a 5 hour layover and was thinking of spending a couple hours in the Romer area.
Yeah, I’ve been concerned about some flights that I have an overnight connection in FRA but from what the German Heath Authority has posted, you can enter for less than 24hr. Although, it’s vague at best.
Well I pray that by next April/May (when our trip starts) we will be out of this Covid dung and things will be back to normal. Enough already!
braxtron 10
This was a false alarm and is not true. The government announced yesterday that things are to remain as-are until (likely) October 1, 2020, at which point, there will be a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all travelers from high risk countries (as per the official list from the Robert Koch Institute on that particular day), UNLESS a negative COVID-19 test is obtained after entering Germany (no more pre-travel testing). The likely policy will be a mandatory 5-day quarantine for those who test negative, which kind of makes sense since getting tested immediately after an intercontinental flight is unlikely to detect a very recent infection.

Summary: from October 1 there is likely to be a mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers from high risk countries, 5-day quarantine for those who test negative after arriving in Germany.
this is destructive viral health policy, for it overlooks the accurate short term tests that allow passengers to travel for everyone's benefit. Make the test a bit difficult, not unavailable. What facts do the German health authorities supposibly have that make this a logical new position???
Another place Americans can't travel to because the pandemic was handled so poorly in this country. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
ok okok 4
Lol you saw how it was manage in your country? Please.
It's what happens when we act selfishly in a false cloak of "freedom." Leaders reinforce this when they act as if the virus not as a contagion that must be controlled through social behavior but rather as a plague whose cost in sickness and death IS WHAT IT IS. Just open schools and businesses, and too bad for the millions affected and hundreds of thousands that die. Sucks to be you. The plan: IT IS WHAT IT IS while we wait for a vaccine, a magic therapeutic, or a “just fades away” miracle.


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