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Mother, 2-year-old escorted from Southwest Airlines flight because of mask policy

A woman traveling from Fort Myers, Florida, to Chicago said she was escorted off her Southwest Airline flight on Saturday because her 2-year-old son was snacking prior to takeoff and wasn't wearing his mask. Jodi Degyansky, 34, wants airlines to have more compassion for parents who have toddlers that might have difficulty donning their masks for a long time. "We are trying to get used to it, but he's 2," Degyansky said. Degyansky said she flew to Florida to visit her family… ( 기타...

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This is getting crazy stupid. Last week a WestJet f/a went nuts over a 3yo child who was eating a snack and couldn't finish it before putting her mask back on was removed from the flight. At first it was an 18mo old baby - that WestJet said had to wear a mask. Don't ever try that even at home.

You can expect more lockdowns as the left goes berserk. We've not had one single case in a territory with 42,000 people.
Delta allowed my great granddaughter 2 years in January, to use a HUGE binky/fooler on a flight with her Mommy.
ffrcobra1 0
You know the rules. You know your kid can’t wear a mask. Don’t plan to fly on an airliner! It’s really that simple. Alternatives might not be fast, cheap or easy. Too bad.
Pileits -2
This mother just ought to stay home with her 2 yr old. There is NO reason for a two year old to even be leaving home during a pandemic.
Here is another self-absorbed parent that thinks the rules do not apply to their children. I see kids all the time that have no sense of decorum because the parents enable an elevated sense of entitlement to do as they please.

The rules apply to everyone to prevent others from falling ill. Lord knows toddlers are mobile virus factories as it is.

I think Southwest has bent over backwards to help this woman, including re-booking and a refund.

She needs to grow up and put the mask on her kid. Who does she think she is? Nancy Pelosi?
at the very least this is unreasonable. However, kids can be infectious, carriers of the covid, so i understand just a little bit here. This is not a case of the left being a bully- it is letting all of us know the virus is serious, it kills, and trivializing the protective mask response is ignorant.
bentwing60 4
Apparently the concern is abated if one is an antifa, blm rioter and the reality is that the BS deal is about the comorbities and elder set. Of which I am one on both accounts! A pawn is a pawn, expendable in any chess game and part of the plandemic!

FL450 was a good place to be.


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