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Supposedly retired, F-117 stealth fighter seen flying in San Diego

Two F-117 stealth fighters landed last week at Miramar in CA ( 기타...

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canuck44 23
I am working on a stealth retirement too.
mariofer 9
Me too, but so far the only stealth part of it has been the money on my retirement account......
We must have the same account
lc1948 2
This inspector Igor with U.S. Asset Control office, please provide account depository name and account number for routine audit purposes. Thank you.
Plane? What plane? I don’t see a plane....
Back in March of this year, we were in the middle of Death Valley camping and about 9 o'clock in the morning one flew by. I had to do a double take then a triple take, I swore to myself that these things were retired and I was looking at some sort of B2 but there was no mistaking it. Then I saw they had begun flying them again.
While I can appreciate the challenges and complexities of aerodynamics and aerodynamic
instability as much as the next person, I always have to consider the F-117 with a bit
of awe and wonder - probably the most improbably-shaped aircraft of the jet age.
TakIn into account that computer control used then is now considered archaic compared to today. It was nicknamed the "Wobblin' Goblin".
jptq63 5
While I can understand the differences, the fact these are still flying makes me wonder how stealthy or which aircraft is actually the MOST stealth aircraft of the various KNOWN in operation. Also can understand someone wanting to use it as a standard to measure or make comparisons....
Stealth planes? We ain't got no stealth planes. We don't need no stealth planes. I don't have to show you any stinking stealth planes!
Love the F117 display in the boneyard at Davis Monthan. Access steps and two wheel chocks. Nothing else.
"Stealth fighter seen" sounds like an oxymoron to me.
Yes, it's probably now run by Army Intelligence.
jptq63 2
The Army has intelligence? WOW! They must keep it super-duper classified, need to know only, secret.... :-)
The F-117 was originally to be painted pastel grey to be even more stealthy during the day. Air Force officials however didn't want their pilots flying in a pastel sissy colored airplane.LOL Hence the black finish.
Flying airplanes are hard to keep secret. Unless they were to stay in the off-limits areas of Nevada, there is always the possibility of them being seen.
cool. r they retired?

cause if they r, thts wierd

so ya
JedFR 3
They aren't top secret anymore apparently.
A magnificent aircraft. I saw one of the first one of these fighter jets unveiled at Andrews Air Force Base over 30 years ago. Remarkable aircraft!
wow remarkable
For whatever it is worth, there was one at PSP about two weeks ago. It was parked between hangars just northeast of the tower and impossible to see unless you were on a bicycle and able to get close enough to the fence to see.
Stealth crazy after all these years.


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