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Delta's last 777 flight

Today Saturday October 31st 2020, marks the last scheduled passenger flight for yet another Delta Aircraft. Much like the MD88, MD90 & 737-700, Delta has chosen to retire its Boeing triple 7 amid the havoc in the airline industry due to the COVID pandemic. After about a 6 hour flight from New York's JFK, N701DN ship 7101 wearing the Delta Spirit livery arrived at Los Angeles's LAX around 4pm local time. Much like the MD88 & 90 retirement flight and the Airbus A220-300 inaugural… ( 기타...

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Just as in airline mergers: COA saved UAL; NWO saved DAL etc
One of the last 'true Boeings', pre the MD takeover. If the 787 roll out and early phase wasn't a precursor for the Max, you might consider that the money the chicago boys saved no longer matches what they put in their 'pockets'.
Sorry to disagree. Your timeline is off
DAL took delivery of first 777 in 1999
BOE moved to Chicago in 2001
Usually in a merger, the less formidable one, in this case McD-D, became the savior. BOE as a standalone would have been eaten up by the competition. MD-12 would have been the competitor for the 747.
"First flight June 12, 1994'.

"The 777 entered service with the launch customer, United Airlines, on June 7, 1995".

"Some say that even as the name disappeared, the McDonnell Douglas finance-first culture survived the 1997 merger, eclipsing Boeing’s engineering-first culture".

feel free to disagree. all sourced from 'politipedia', a future amazon company.
I was referring to DAL - which is what the article is about
A bit misleading since these 777 will likely re-enter service once the airline industry bounce back...
(Unless Airbus could deliver the A350s before US gov finally get the pandemic in control...)
Mike T 1
Misleading? You do realize Delta sent out a memo saying they were retiring the 777 and this was the last flight right? I would love to know where you are getting your false info about them planning to un-retire airplanes
tom239 0
N701DN was built in 2008. Even though Delta doesn't want it anymore, some other airline might.
Mike T 1
I'm not saying that an airline wouldnt pick it up second hand. I am asking how the title "Delta's last 777 flight" is misleading when it was Deltas last 777 flight.


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