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Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport

According to the complaint filed in Federal Court, Nancy Genovese, a mother of three, was driving home on County Road 31 past Gabreski Airport in Suffolk County. Gabreski Airport displays a decorative helicopter shell by the roadway to the public, which is visible to all who pass by. As Nancy Genovese was preparing to drive away, she was stopped and approached by Robert Iberger, a lieutenant with the Southampton Town Police. ( 기타...

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This type of article doesn't belong on flightaware
Who pays college tuition in cash? Lets hear the real story.
jdworley 1
-IF- every word of that obviously-biased article were true, then yes of course she deserves some money for her pain & suffering. But the article is so slanted against the police, one should hear "both sides of the story" before passing judgement against the police or against Nancy.
This is not a news story: It's a blog post written by the woman's attorneys who have an obvious bias. This incident occurred almost two years ago. At the time the "victim" had a MySpace page filled with rants about "FEMA camps" and she reportedly believed Gabreski Field was going to be transformed into one by President Obama. While it's obvious she's probably not a terrorist being that none of her charges actually stuck, she probably isn't all there upstairs either and what actually happened that day is somewhere between what the lawyers said and what the police claimed.
Hard to believe '' I would sue their ass"'
Rich Brown 0
Lt Iberger and the Suffolk Country Police dept are IDIOTS.
Something is seriously amiss here, even if only some of the claims are true this looks like there was some heavy-handed law enforcement resulting in a comedy of errors... but there are huge inconsistencies;
-What was she really doing at the airport?
-Was she really armed to the teeth with more than just an 'unloaded rifle'?
-How did she sustain the 'ankle wound' and is it relevant?
-Did she really threaten to kill herself in jail?
-Why, if any of the police claims are true, were all of her charges dismissed after such a cacophony?
-Can it be believed that the town lawyer simply 'forgot' a $70 million lawsuit?

Wow... it is truly a talent to be this incompetent... if any or all of it is true, I hope this lady gets her $70 million!
$70 Million is too light for the lawsuit... she should take every dime from Iberger and his county budget. Now THAT will get force some changes in the system and set the precedent that's needed to change the ways of folks who call others they don't even know radical right wingers and tea-baggers. If she hits the right figure for the lawsuit, even NOW would stand with her to get a cut of Real Money. jc
Thanks for the insight Matt - still sounds screwy, I'm sure this could have been handled much better.
dmanuel 0
As outrageous as it seems, we are only reading one side of this story. Can Bovineone, or someone in that part of the country, provide us with additional information on this, as calmer heads prevail or whenever the final adjudication is rendered?
nothing in that article made the least bit of that someone's idea of a sick joke, and if so, they need serious mental therapy!
Taubin 0
There are quite a few blatant misrepresentations, and blatant omissions in the article. I'm all for peoples rights, and having them not be violated, both as a photographer, and as a shooter. Having said that, this article seems to be missing allot. It's very biased towards her side of things. I have met many LEOs that don't know the rights of photographers on public property, and have had them threaten to confiscate my property. However, I've always kept a cool, calm head during these situations, and requested a supervisor come to help straighten things out. I guess maybe I've been lucky, as I've never been arrested, but, I've also kept calm, and level headed. I completely agree this article doesn't belong on Flightaware, it belongs more at a photography site. There are debates that will go round and round with this, simply because she carried a firearm. If that were taken out of the equation, would this have even made it to this site?
Cal Keegan 0
@wendellsmith1964: Yeah I found the college tuition claim to be pretty fishy too.

Still one doesn't have to look far to find incidents of astoundingly over-the-top, illegal behavior by police, consider [ this] and [,_Maryland_mayor%27s_residence_drug_raid this]. Here's an [ interactive map] of botched paramilitary police raids.
Cal Keegan 0
Hmm that wikipedia link didn't work. It's
Chet Imes 0
She looks real good for having two kids 18 and 20!
NY Lawyers...they are all the same...they will milk this case for all they can get...all about the money sharks with blood in the water. Two wrongs still don't make a right. The Police did their job...heavey handedly for sure...but, how do they know for sure during the actual event? I will stay tuned.
dakotadoc 0
It was certainly inappropriate for LE to make disparaging comments/assumptions about her political leanings, but we have to remember that LE usually have highly tuned "BS detectors." She's taking photos at the airport when she could have just as easily downloaded one. She has the rifle, the ankle wound, $13,000 in cash, and her sons show up to run intereference for her. I have no idea what she was doing there, but it sure sounds fishy.
Even if you grant all the "fishiness" of carrying around cash, a rifle (which where I'm from isn't abnormal), and having a wounded ankle.....SO WHAT? What did she do that was against the law or even anybody else's business for that matter? Yeah, I hang around airports and take photographs - well over 100 posted here, I have a laptop in my car, I even have a **gasp** scanner in my car. If I'm on public property, and am breaking no laws, why is it anybody's business? I don't mind being asked what I'm doing and having a conversation.

"Those who will exchange liberty for security deserve neither and will soon lose both" or something to that effect....Jefferson I think, (or maybe Franklin, can't remember).
dakotadoc 0
Suffolk County's side of things here:
Nice find doc! Now let's get this off flightaware!
The cop didnt get laid the night before, so he had to take it out on someone...Nancy became his target. It wouldnt surprise me if this cop ended up dead somewhere...wouldnt bother me a bit if it happened. Cops like this need to be tossed out and every department has a few big-headed badge happy assholes and if his bosses wont do anything about it, then they also need to be tossed, but they wont...the "good-buddy" system is alive and well in Suffolk County, New York. This is also a reason why they have Hilary Bimbo Clinton...they all have the same mentallity.
Paul, Glenn beck needs you back in front of his chalkboard asap!
If the facts presented in this story are indeed true, then I not only hope she gets the 70 million, but that those repsonisble for this gross violation of her civil rights go to jail for a long time.
dakotadoc 0
"The cop didnt get laid the night before, so he had to take it out on someone...It wouldnt surprise me if this cop ended up dead somewhere...wouldnt bother me a bit if it happened...This is also a reason why they have Hilary Bimbo Clinton...they all have the same mentallity."

It's DEFINITELY time to get this thread off FlightAware! I'm generally a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, although I do find it hard to believe that The Founding Fathers were okay with mentally defective people being armed to the teeth. I think this is why they included the phrase "A well-regulated militia." Maybe they felt that a well-regulated militia would keep firearms out of the hands of the village idiot and other unstable members of society.
How about we all fly to this airport and take photos of the helicopter? I'm ready.
Les Eders 0
The gestapo is alive and well in Suffolk County....I hope this lady owns the whole county when her lawyer finishes with them....The nerve of these inbred morons.....What are we coming to in our America....
Matt, there are [ some additional responses] to the sheriff department's link, as well as some answers to questions posted on the original blog.
Unfortunatly after 9/11 we have allowed to create a police state and elevated uneducated narrow minded idiots to our gate keepers- my good Ronald Reagan would turn over in his grave! remeber his famous coment to German Chancelor... we register and count cows and not people!
Jeff Cox 0
This does belong on Flight Aware as it pertains to airport operations. From what I have observed most local police at the airport are the left overs from the downtown precinct. They seem to have a need to justify their position based on national security issues through heavy handedness. In one instance I observed I was glad they were heavy handed, it accomplished the desired objective. The above story they went too far.
According to the County's own account, she still did nothing illegal did she? If not why has she not been charged with anything? Anyone seen the "photos avalable on request"? They still have her memory card, why not show these suspicious photos of the area she took that caused such an uproar? Or did it "sustain damage" somehow? You reckon?
I read FlightAware for aviation news, not to see some blowhard make light of killing police officers. FlightAware probably likes the clicks, but this seems like a useless thread.
crk112 0
Chet; notice how they left her face out of the picture though ;-)

Allen; I'm with ya!!
JetChaser 0
You can argue it belongs on flightaware or it doesn't but in the last year have there been even a dozen articles with more member comments?
I hope she has a good lawyer. She may own that town if all of this is fact.
Steve, there seems to be a lack of facts here... doubt she will own anything except her assault rifles and cache of ammo.
Rich Brown 0
What's wrong with assult rifles?
Something is just not right here!
Tim Bray 0
All the above comments are interesting, but the fact is that the initiating LOE called a “terrorist” a teabagger and a right-winger. He carried a weapon, why can’t she(in a legal manner),she was within her rights as a resident, and the big issue is the National Guard Personel who supposedly called in the “Threat”, and had repeatedly warned her about her actions. WHo IS this RESERVE member of our US ARMED FORCES? No one seems to focus on that, and BTW This really belongs on YAhoo or some such. I HOPE SHE GETS EVERY PENNY PLUS HER MEMORY CARD. I would like to see one of the Natioal Guard guys post their comments and facts on here, becuase it was supposedly in defense of thier unit that this happened, right.??
I would also like to see the offending LEO to serve a civil sentance and be held accuontable for the call, and treatment of the supposed offender.
I live in the innocent until proven guilty country, I would like it's peace officers to remember that.
DANL68 0
THANK YOU for posting about these events on FLIGHT AWARE. i have not read about this anywhere else and would not have known about this incident otherwise.
NANCY, may the LORD be with you.
This is not a Flight Aware story. Even if you had both sides, it has little to do with "flying". Seems to be a waste of space and time.
This site is about much more than "flying". If you haven't noticed, there is a database of aver 128,000 aviation related photographs on this website, and this whole situation began (more or less) with someone taking a photograph of a public place from a public place. So, yes, this discussion DOES belong on FA for this very reason - that there are a number of us who are aviation "outsiders" who support and use this and other sites like it to promote aviation in one form or another, and this article could be about any one of us who post photos here and elsewhere. No-one is forcing anyboby to read this discussion, so if you don't like its presence here then keep moving.
Rant completed, you may now return to your previous activity.

Cheers - B
It ought to at least present both sides of a story, then. But, just because it is a photo of a public place, even a public airport doesn't necessarily mean it belongs on an aviation related site which purports to focus on flying issues.
Sorry, but I disagree Richard. I guess ultimately it's Daniel's decision. It's his website!
Chuck Me 0
I think this story is old news. I think this "incident" is from 2009.

The "article" is garbage. It's from a blog sponsored by a group of plaintiff attorneys. It would be nice to hear the Paul Harvey version of events.

This article tells a much different story than the lawyer spin.
This is way too much to be believed. All in all poor journalism and Flight Aware has shown poor judgment by publishing such a clearly biased report. This is fear mongering at its finest--a skill America is perfecting!
Thank you, Beverly.
I agree with Beverly. Flight Aware should stick with aviation related items. My main use is flight tracking and it is a great site for that. I get enough half truth stuff from emails and other blogs. In the past Flight Aware didn't do this. Hopefully it will get back to its core business!
Les Eders 0
Beverly will deny this event and cry because its here....It is related...It occurred at an airport..She is the type when it happens to her she will scream the loudest....No thanks beverly ...if you don't like it here go elsewhere......
Les Eders, you should go elsewhere if you're going to indulge in personal attacks. Politics, paranoia, and ill temper. FlightAware doesn't need this nonsense.
Mr Eders, I am elsewhere, and although I used to love visiting the US, it is becoming more and more unpleasant due to attitudes like yours. I am not objecting, nor denying the event, but rather the biased reporting of it. If you read all the evidence in the court report which I took the time to do before I formed an opinion, you will see she was carrying a weapon and a suspiciously large amount of cash as well as having a previous record of unstable behaviour. Clearly the woman was acting in an unreasonable manner--perhaps even provoking the event on purpose. While I, probably as do you, object to heavy handed imposition or enforcement of rules by authorities, this type of event is highly unlikely to happen to me, because I do not provoke it. I really enjoy the Flight Aware newsletter and videos, but this was probably an accidental example of irresponsible reporting.
A number of things about this business bother me: 1) The incident in question took place in 2009, but is represented on Flight Aware as if it were current news; 2) The reportage originated from a biased source; 3) I can find no original, objective reportage on the incident anywhere (maybe it exists, but I cannot find it); 4) I am disappointed that Flight Aware would present the story the way it has, given its age and its obvious bias. It may be relevant to the Flight Aware mission, but that relevance is not yet apparent to me.
Security around airports, particularly general aviation airports, is a subject that is especially important to many private pilots. Many people choose to fly privately because they do not appreciate the increasingly tighter security restrictions being enforced on commercial airline travelers. Many people who become private pilots chose to do so because of the freedom and flexibility it allows them.

Although this incident originally occurred in 2009, the linked blog post discussing it is recent (posted Feb 16) and was posted because the case has just gone to court. The linked blog post reflects the latest information as it was presented in court and references recent developments (such as the city's lawyer being fired on Feb 11 and the default judgment). As such, this is still a recent development. Even if it were not, several people have commented that they had not heard of this incident before and would not have known about it otherwise--being a recent occurrence is desirable but not mandatory.

Furthermore, all user-submitted content needs to be treated as such and it is an exercise for the reader to evaluate everything with an appropriate level of skepticism. Some content may indeed be biased, but this particular story (blog) was written by someone purporting to be a lawyer so there is potentially some credibility in the presentation.

Obviously, any user-submitted content posted on this website is the responsibility of the original poster and does not imply endorsement by FlightAware, including this story. This website just acts as a medium that allows users to interact and share opinions; intentional censorship is generally kept to a minimum. The fact that people can express their opinions on this story is a positive thing and is something that is only possible in a free and uncensored society.
"...but this particular story .... was purportedly written by a lawyer..."
Well, we know what Shakespeare said about them.
Ed Kostiuk 0
Well after a lengthy search I finally found the original articles on this incident. The articles were carried on the inside pages of the following papers Globe, National Enquirer, Star and Sun (I guess it was not enough to make headline news.) However the story is there, in all 4 papers just where it should be.

FlightAware lets get back to the business of real flying.
The people of Southampton need to pay attention of what is happening…

“The town of southampton owes you way more than 70 million.”

Everyone in that town and county need to apologize to her and her sons “face to face”.

It should start with ALL the officers((?) involved with her arrest plus the poeple in the jail area.
sad how many people on this site believe this tabloid garbage.
Some of these comments sound just like that feller in DC who said it was obvious that the Cambridge Police "acted stupidly."
This is of high interest to me. I carry a camera when I fly my own aircraft, also have a nephew that flys for a commercial operation and he carries a camera with him just about always. Yep, we both enjoy the shooting sports too and have concealed carry, so fairly normal for us to have a firearm of some sort in the vehicle.
Tom Jones 0
People need to write more Checks. Who carries $13K in cash? I'm sure the real truth will come out about this whole story.
I just realized that we have all missed the main point: a member of the Genovese family is arrested on Long Island with a wad of cash and an automatic weapon ... this is news? It's like that old story about the boy and the barn filled with manure - there must a body in there somewhere.
Alan Roth 0
Hey, editor, you shouldn't be posting unsubstantiated lawyer's blogs. Very likely most of this didn't happen (and something else did) and you are passing along an urban legend. This is not good for Flight Aware's credibility
Kevin Kuhn 0
the amount of cognitive dissonance displayed in this "news story" is nothing short of astounding.
This is a completely biased and factually challenged story. Clearly the author was siding with the accused. Linking to this opinion piece is embarrassing.
What's even better is that the city's lawyer forgot to file their response to the subsequent lawsuit and the judgment may be found in favor of the mother by default!
jdworley 0
There's two sides to every story....


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