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ForeFlight Black Friday Deals!

Now through Cyber Monday, ForeFlight is offering an extra 3 months free when you purchase or upgrade to Performance Plus, or get an extra month free when you purchase or upgrade to Pro Plus!* Save 10% on Sentry and Sentry Mini through Sporty's Pilot Shop Nov 25-30. *Not eligible for renewals of the same plan. Valid on website purchases only. ( 기타...

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I would totally pull the trigger on Pro Plus if it included the Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles. Otherwise, I don't gain that much on upgrading at the moment. Any chance those will be included in Pro Plus in the future?
No plans to share at this time but we'll pass your feedback on to the team.
Even if you were only allowed to choose one aircraft profile, I think that would attract a lot of users to Pro Plus. I have an older subscription...I really would like the icing/turbulence forecast layers, but that's the only thing that Pro Plus offers that I don't already have.
I buy it just for GeoReference approach plates
I already get that as a part of my older subscription. Otherwise, you'd be correct.


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