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Aeroflot Introduces Anti-Masker Seating Zone

Passengers on Aeroflot who refuse to comply with the carrier’s mask policy after the door closes will be put into a special seating zone. Specifically, the last two rows on the right hand side of the economy cabin will be reserved for those who refuse to comply with Aeroflot’s mask policy. ( 기타...

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Kind of like the old smoking sections
There is a very good place for them ...... simply go out the emergency exit located over wing and have a seat. It will be a bit breezy, but that will keep all those nasty, nasty coronavirus thingys from getting you!!
Where would you like to sit, masking or non-masking?
dval18 1
Seat them next to the toilets.
Greg S 0
The choice should be mask over your face or plastic bag over your head.
yes, a camp stool on the wing!


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