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U.S. Airlines Carry 1 Million Passengers for Third Straight Day

Americans are putting aside health risks and flying in increasing numbers during the Christmas holiday season. Sunday was the third day in a row in which more than 1 million people passed through U.S. airport screening, the first time that has occurred since the virus erupted in mid-March, according to Transportation Security Administration data. Airline travel during the Covid-19 pandemic remains well below 2019 levels, however. Even with the recent surge, the number of people flying on Friday… ( More...

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s s 3
Pearl clutching intensifies!
Chuck Lavazzi 3
Our hospitals are already at capacity or close to it. Not looking forward to January.
Craig Good -3
Selfish fuckers. Irresponsible behavior like that is why we're still in this mess.
wtwisniewski -7
Double standard? The extremely low accident and death rate of air travel is one of mankind's greatest achievements ever. Then we pack crowds of people into flying tubes while a raging pandemic becomes ever increasingly out of control, endangering the the passengers with a significant chance of debilitating health problems or death. How do we get institutions like the NTSB to target biological threats with the same determination to end them as they do with pilot error, procedural flaws, design flaws, and mechanical failure?

To safely travel, we need to redesign airflow in the cabins such that passengers don't share the air, and require vaccinations plus an accurate on-the-spot Covid19 test which we don't have yet. Or - get rid of the virus altogether, now.
Rick VanSice 1
The only way to accomplish that is to have all passengers wear a the ones used by fighter and bomber pilots.....and you know that will never happen!! Even if the airlines spent boucoup bucks to equip jets with that hardware, there will always be those idiots who will refuse to wear it.
wtwisniewski -9
Bad news! To save lives, and the economy we need to get rid of the virus for good. We need to totally shut down for a few weeks and then get truly back to normal. The financial system must shut down too. Expecting people to stop earning money while banks, tax collectors, landlords, and other lenders keep demanding payments is why we failed to control the virus. It is fiscally impossible and very unfair to the workers.

The virus will be with us for decades, a perpetual impediment if we don't resolve to end this problem. We can't just live with it and not pay a huge price over time. The vaccines will slow down the death rate, but the virus is projected to evolve into increasingly infectious forms such that vaccinations will not be enough to end the pandemic unless we apply all available measures in addition to shots and drive it extinct.
Chuck Lavazzi 4
Mutations are actually less of an issues than you might think and are typical of viral infections in any case. The nice thing about mRNA vaccines is that they can be changed more quickly than traditional vaccines if necessary. Viz/
s s 7
LOL As if "totally" shutting down "for a few weeks" will do a damn thing. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die from the flu and we don't all hide in our houses.
Craig Good 2
In case you hadn't noticed, COVID-19 is not the flu. It's much more contagious and at least ten times more deadly.
s s 0
Please give your sources of it being "ten times more deadly". Maybe for people 75 and older with other underlying conditions and some younger people again with underlying conditions. Otherwise, the vast majority of people experience minor flulike symptoms and many don't even know they had it.

Stop the fear mongering.
Philip Lanum 2
More people died from Covid-19 in November than died of the "flu" in 2019.

"More than 36,900 Americans died of Covid-19 last month. In comparison, the flu killed about 22,000 Americans during the 2019-2020 season, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
j93fj9wcjo9 1
That chart does not show that the Virus is more deadly than the flu virus. It may very well be, but that chart in no ways indicates that.
Jean Johnson 2
Geez, and I'm 75. Mom lived to 98 and I'd like to be able to get close to that.
Also, those who have no symptoms are spreading to others if the have the virus.
Please be more considerate of the young and old, especially those with underlying conditions. Compassion is the word here. Even if it's "only" the same deadliness as the flu, people are now living with other health problems if they've recovered.
Michael Meyers -6
I’m confused Trump told me this whole virus thing is a hoax perpetrated by the radical communist democrats and the “lame stream media”. Someone please school me!
ynot ssor -7
Why would you believe a self-avowed pussy-grabber, someone who lies every time he opens his mouth, and someone who has made it his profession to undermine Democracy wherever it exists in the world, especially in the U.S.?


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