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FAA Finally Cracking Down On Unruly Passengers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has had enough of airplane passenger temper tantrums, and has put in place a new order for a stricter legal enforcement policy. ( 기타...

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it is about time this was done..the intent of having air marshalls on board was not to stop the passenger who had too many drinks from being a jerk,but to actually catch onboard someone who might pose a serious threat to the entire plane full of passengers and the crew..they were not supposed to be the "schoolteacher" handling temper tantrums or drunks..the faa will need to change the program if that is their new duties..
jbermo 4
"Interfering with a flight crewmember" When an FA tells you to do something, you do it!
selmer40 1
So far the Order is only for 77 days but the law is the law.
It's about time.
C B 1
Well Done FAA! **Cheers and applause**
That is just great!
I wonder if there's going to be more Federal Air Marshals on flights


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