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This New 6-Passenger Electric Aircraft Could Revolutionize Commuting

A UK startup has just released a redesigned six-seat eVTOL that it plans to start flying next year. Autonomous Flight revamped its initial two-seat Y6S design into a larger-cabin all-electric aircraft called, appropriately, the Y6SPlus. The aircraft will have a range of 80 nautical miles, with speeds of up to 125 mph. ( 기타...

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Made from the purest Unobtainium....capable of filling blogger's editorial copy in a single bound.......
80 NK long extension cord?
linbb 0
If it could haul anything except batteries and go further than an hours flight. Its going to be quite a while before they can do much. Already the Beaver cant haul anything, C208 short on range with any load in it. Another try at investor money sparkey nothing more.
It would be a good commute from LGA to EWR! LOL!


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