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American Airlines tells 13K workers they won’t be furloughed after Congress passes new stimulus bill

Ahead of President Biden’s expected signature on a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill later this week, American Airlines told 13,000 workers they would not be furloughed as expected starting in April. The airline had given noticed to the employees in February that they would be furloughed starting April 1 and retrained at a later date. However, the new relief bill sets aside $14 billion for the airline industry in grants and loans that are given if workers are not furloughed or laid off. The money is… ( 기타...

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We must ask the thirteen thousand AA employees, whose jobs were saved, how they feel about republicans giving their employer and their already wealthy, upper managent part of the 1.9 T tax cut but vote against 1.9T life line to save their jobs. I know most of them vote republican but their party failed them.
So how many of you will send back your stimulus money if it's so evil?
ADXbear -3
nervous? Is no free lunch... all this so called stimulus spending further erodes the value of the dollar. Were seeing it ar the gas pumps already, make no mistake were all going to pay it back.
saso792 21
Stimulus spending had nothing to do with the current price of gas at the pumps. The higher price at the pumps is the result of a signature by someone which laid off workers and makes the USA more dependent on outside sources for oil.
eji74 2
You do realize that Keystone XL was being built to bring in oil from Alberta, Canada to refineries in the Gulf, right? I'm pretty sure Canada counts as an outside source of oil, which is why Alberta leaders were so ticked off when Biden signed the EO. Even their progressive PM Justin Trudeau criticized the move. Keystone being dead hurts them more than it hurts the U.S.

The lack of refining capacity in the Gulf due to multiple factors has been a major contributor to the price of gas going up.
You're a PRIME candidate to read "THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND" - and then come back to us and repeat that BS!
We are the largest produce of oil
In that case can you explain why fuel prices are rising in Europe too? No trillion dollar stimulus there.
The reduced production of US oil reserves, as a result of the recent Executive Orders, results in higher demand for other oil sources like the Middle East. Higher demand means higher prices, including those in Europe. Basic supply-demand economics.
Higher demand? I thought everyone was LOCKED-UP in their house because of "COVAIDS!" C'Mon, you can do better than this!
"the result of a signature by someone (read biden) which laid off the keystone pipeline workers, forcing the US to purchase foreign oil.
I wonder if you can explain whether or not you consider yourself to be an "ESSENTIAL WORKER?" More BUZZ WORDS for the New Whirled Odor!
We're seeing at the gas pumps because Texas was brought to its knees by the winter weather
Texas was brought to its knees because of HARRP weather modification which switched the Jet Stream. Do some research!
BE35J 1
Some truth to that since it somewhat impacted production but there is still a relatively low price per barrel indicating a glut. Refineries can't turn production off and on. It is a continuous process that has an optimal output rate that will generate the lowest cost at the pump. Many other factors that play in as well such as the airlines who buy in advance in massive bulk in addition to others such as the US Gov that does the same. You want lower prices? Build more refineries and induce added competition. Simple economics. Well until you add in lobbyist and Wash DC politics.
It took 20% out of the total US fuel production. Some refineries are still shut down.
Take 20% out of any production and you are going to have the effects on prices we see now. Simple economics that some find so hard to comprehend.

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Make another big jug of that Koolaid you are drinking; it might help stimulate some brain cells; Trump did nothing but kill 525,000 Americans.
Please be more civil in your response and address specifics rather than repeating emotional catch phrases.

How did Trump kill 525,000?

He shut down travel from China in January when others called that racist.
He sent hospital ships to New York and California (that were not used by the governors).
He got US companies to build ventilators that governors had not stockpiled because they spent the money elsewhere.
He got a vaccine developed by three companies in record time with enough available for over a million vaccinations per day.

Perhaps Trump could have done more, but what do you suggest?
Rick - Civility is too much to ask from that sort.. Specifics other than "racist, fascist" are too much too ask. They got their Corn Pop Biden. We are on a plane running on vapors, a train with no rails. I do hope the press will ask Biden some tough questions for example, does he like milk in his coffee or sugar? jelly donuts or eclairs ? Barbasol or Harry's shave cream. You know the press has really got to be as tough on him as they were on Trump and I think those questions are a good start. Hold his feet to the fire ! Good luck to us all.
eji74 -5
Kinda like how Fox, OAN and Newsmax are tough on Democrats but soft-ball Trump and Republicans?

You see, Chris, it works both ways. Only political homers can't see that. The media on BOTH sides are biased as hell.
BE35J -4
If by soft you mean truthful, factual and on topic then I'll choose Fox, OAN and Newsmax every time.
There's NOT A NICKEL's WORTH OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE DemoRATS and RepubliRATS! They are both the same WINGS of the bird of prey on the way to the New World Order. You better spool up on the Rockefeller 2010 publication, "Scenarios for the Future of Technology
and International Development" published way back in 2010 and ZERO-IN on Page 18 "LOCKSTEP" because THAT is the program they're running on you now! All courtesy of EVENT 201. See:
BE35J -7
There is a huge difference if a person dies FROM COVID or WITH COVID. It is a variant of the common cold weaponized for political purposes. Here's some insider information: Hospitals are corrupted by Chinese funding to withhold treatments like the one Trump took. Treatments were withheld by hospitals and doctors not abiding were fired, China has controlled the media with funding of their failing news outlets. Britain reported a dramatic reduction in deaths from all other causes If and when you get honest numbers it will be the same here since those other causes were eliminated to inflate COVID deaths as the cause. But by then the corrupt cause will be won.
darjr26 3
You need to layoff the mushrooms.
According to Dr. Lorraine Day, the 25-year Chief Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon at San Francisco General Hospital, there's not one person who has died of COVAIDS. You might want to listen to what she has to say, as you're all being played for suckers.

Here's yet another interview of Dr. Lorraine Day that will fill you in on other vectors:
darjr26 2
Dr Day has not worked at SFGH since 1989. She thinks she has a cure for breast cancer. She thinks the Holocaust never happened. She’s an 83 year old quack.
And you're another ignorant SUCKER. I hear there's one born EVERY minute. Better go listen/watch and become informed. HERE ARE THREE VIDS with Dr. Day - whom you consider to be a "QUACK" that says YOU'RE THE DUMMY!




I love putting ignoramuses like you in the chair and strapping you down because YOU are a propagandist spreading BULLSHIT and it is YOU who rely on the TEL-A-LIE-VISION for your information! How pathetic.

Grow up.
darjr26 2
All ways try the personal attacks when the facts don’t fit your narrative.
THINK about it Rick. COVID-19 does not exist and has NEVER been isolated in a laboratory! Want proof? Check out the Morell/Kaufman/Cowan "Statement On Virus Isolation" (SOVI) and the 4-page PDF of SCIENTIFIC DATA:

MOREOVER, the JAB is NOT a "VACCINE" as you think. It sets you up for DNA modification PERMANENTLY and you will get sick and you will most likely succumb to the JAB, so get in line and contact your undertaker for a pine box!
eji74 -3
There is a lot in the bill that really shouldn't have been included. State and local governments, for example, are already sitting on billions of dollars from the first stimulus bill. Why send them more?

The bill should have focused only on helping the unemployed, hard-hit businesses and industries (including the aviation industry), vaccine distribution and reopening schools. Nothing else needed to be included, but of course, this is Washington we're talking about. Bloated pork-laden bills are kinda their thing.

And before anyone says it, no, I am not a Trump supporter (can't stand him and glad he is out of office) nor a Republican. I'm a Democrat who wants to help people but doesn't want to bankrupt the country in the process.
BE35J -3
You my friend are a conservative who makes person liberal choices by your own description. Now what is a person who MANDATES sending your tax dollars to who ever they choose?
Make FIVE jugs! You are spot on Jeff. Trump was the Trojan Horse for all the TV believers out there in NA-NA SHEOPLE LAND! He was a part of the play all along. Sorry to say, but you've all been suckered by an ACTOR!
Biden is the biggest joke ever pulled on America... Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Sorry. It's NOT! It's LAND OF THE FEE and HOME OF THE SLAVE because most of you reading this are brainwashed and brain-dead as a Do-Do Bird!
You're citing things that were broadcast as PROPAGANDA by the Mainstream Media AKA Deep State. You need a better source than the TEL-A-LIE-VISION. Shut it off! That's how you CURE CoVaids! COVID-19 is a psychological warfare contruct. Want proof? Check out Joe Imbriano at https://thefullertoninformer and
darjr26 -6
Just remember when you’re sitting in coach, in a center seat, on a four hour flight in a 737-Max, that the captain of your flight is making over 250K a year, and your tax dollars are paying his/her’s salary. Have a nice flight.
Hell, I made $93K a year as a yard foreman at CSX Transportation. PLAYING TRAINS with a remote control box.


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