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British Airways CEO Says Its Airbus A380s Will Return

British Airways' fleet of 12 Airbus A380s remain grounded, but CEO Sean Doyle says the airline won't join others such as Lufthansa, Air France and likely Etihad which have scuppered the superjumbo. "The A380 isn't flying at the minute but it is in our plans for the future rebuild of the airline," Doyle says. "Exactly when we will put the A380 back into service is something that we’re not clear on." ( More...

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Derek Vaughn 6
Good for BA. Qantas is another airline that is well suited for the A380 and should bring them back when ready.
Sani Erbilgin 3
Good for BA. Finally one sensible airline. Travel will return. Maybe not at the same levels for a while but it will.
ExPatHere 2
I have always wanted to fly on one...Used to watch those big birds soar out if Frankfurt Flughafen everyday at 14.00 and it was breathtaking. I guess Singapore Airlines will be getting my business as soon as things open up.
claireparr 2
Excellent news!
Cansojr 1
It is an amazing aircraft and I am seriously concerned that it became prohibitively more expensive to operate if you don't fill the seats. Emirates are talking about long term storage as an option. The market isn't there. That's why BA parked theirs.
George Pepe 1
This is good news, as I have never been on one and his may be my only chance to ever fly on one
Our previous QANTAS "ride" VH-OQI is currently in desert storage at Victorville CA. Waiting patiently for the "new normal" after everyone has the shots when the A/C and ourselves can again be freed from this lockdown. I have several thousand F/F miles I want to use in their new revamped business class "suites enroute to OZ and NZL...sweet !
Mark Martin 1
Im glad the A380 will still haVe airlines that will fly it. Watching it take off and land is still so fascinating. I can only imagine that flying on the plane is a real wonder.
scupper | ˈskəpər |

verb [with object] chiefly British

sink (a ship or its crew) deliberately.

informal prevent from working or succeeding; thwart: plans for a casino were scuppered by a public inquiry.

late 19th century (as military slang in the sense ‘kill, especially in an ambush’): of unknown origin. The sense ‘sink’ dates from the 1970's
paul gilpin 1
this doyle guy sounds as a wanker.
Coalora 1
In nautical terms to scuttle a ship is to sink it intentionally, to *scupper* a ship is to do the same but beforehand to strip as far possible it for components to repair other ships.
padrooga23 -4
I think they mean "scuttled".
David Savile 1
They have one already scheduled for my flt to SFO in Aug
Peter Fuller 0
Good move by BA. The A380 is a good fit for high-volume routes in and out of slot-constrained Heathrow, when the high-volume demand returns. Also, since there’s essentially no market for used A380s, what else could they do?
George Pepe 1
Convert them to cargo?
Should there be an airline excusivly for the obese? If so, the A380 would be the perfect aircraft.
Sidney Martin 2
Why are you so intrigued with with fat people? Honestly?
Jim DeTour -7
Englanders love to holiday like its a mass exodus of Indiana Jones running from a boulder chasing him. Couldn't be the weather or road cameras ticketing for average speed over the limit between cameras on drives or weather or politicians or weather or politically restricted and corrected broadcast stations or weather. I figure they love to fly even though it means leaving their dear England. Could be a conspiracy to always have lots of air travelers.


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