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How Much Did The Airbus A380 Cost?

The Airbus A380 is a plane that has sadly been rendered rather obsolete by the ongoing pandemic. However, even before COVID-19 brought the airline industry to a near standstill, the European manufacturer had already canceled its production with around 250 examples built. Nonetheless, the A380 remains a fascinating aircraft whose size draws attention wherever it goes. But how much did the ambitious superjumbo cost? ( 기타...

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At least I can put my hand on my heart & say that I have flown the two biggies - a B747 in the mid 1970s & an A380 just over two years ago.
On the other hand, social distancing should be relatively easy on board an A380....
Great Plane sad to see it go , most of the cost went straight into the European Economy not a bad investment if you get most of the money back with jobs and infrastructure , just like the Americans with the military the money go's round and round
In 2014 flew Qantas A380 KLAX-YMML. Smoothest business class flight ever for me. Loved it.
Still the most comfortable way to fly and I would pay a premium to travel in it.
I always marvelled at it as an engineering feat that it was . But i also viewed it as an accident waiting to kill hundreds . If you watch the TV Show " May Day " . they did an episode on the near fatal event of a Qantas A-380 that had the inboard # 2 engine dis-integrate . The Flight Crew was over whelmed by alarms , flashing lights and error messages in a cascading situation . By the time , the Flt Deck Crew got a grasp of what had happened about 15 minutes had gone by . Thats , a bloody long time in aviation . I came to the conclusion that the Flt Deck is as much or more complex than the Old Space Shuttles . We did build it . But was it morally right ? Thats my thoughts on it ..........
And that was not your average crew... not even close.
Correct. Aboard the fly deck also were a Check AND a Check Check Captain.
according to an A380-800 goes for $445.6 million
If it helps David, that was the new airframe list price.

It will be fascinating to see, in a year or two, how many airlines can see a space for a massively-depreciated airframe for congested, slot-constrained, airports.
this.... IF an airline is able to fill up the a380 it IS cheaper to operate. It's almost as if airlines are too lazy to come up with a schedule that maximizes the use of the A380.
I'd like to build a home in one.
Flew LAX-SYD on the QANTAS A380 VH-OQI in 2017.
Sadly, it just had a refurb done 2020 with the new lay-flat Business Class "suites" in Dresden, GER but was flown straight from the shop to desert storage in Victorville, CA. I'll be on it if QANTAS restarts OZ service with the 380.
Best aircraft I have flown in I hope they are around for years to come.
Easily the best option for long haul, whichever class you choose.
Takes longer to board and get going, but once underway it is a superior experience.
Given Qantas has written down its asset value, I am hoping they come back and will be profitable, and hence continue flying, for many years once numbers pick up again.
Anyone experienced the slight side to side swaying in the rear of an A380? I looked it up and found it described as "Dutch Roll". Apparently with such a large aircraft with a lot of sweep to the wings one wing tends to lead or trail the other and what I experienced was the autopilot keeping everything on the straight and narrow. The feeling is very slight and I imagine most folks would hardly notice it but after about ten MEL/LAX trips on these magnificent aircraft I still prefer to buy the most rearward seat I can. A friend described them as "Who put wings on a movie theater?"
Just read a host of comments on this subject but none of them mentioned competitor influence. Main competitor has huge clout
Too much.
McDonnell Douglas designed a double decker quite a few years earlier (the MD-12)
They decided it was not economically worth producing it.
The pilot could start working in Hollywood right away as a voice over for French speaking characters. :)
Wrong subject :)
Imagine what would have happened to Boeing if they screwed up this badly. They figured if the 747 failed it would have sunk the company. At least with the 737 MAX screw-up they were able to fix the problem and keep the aircraft in service.
Around July of '19 my Daughter. Son-in-law & Grandson were booked for a visit MEL/LAX on an A380 depart 10PM. At 2PM Qantas emailed and told her the flight was Canceled. They were placed on the following night and surprise, surprise about half the folks on the flight told the same story.
Made sense for Qantas but Son-in-law lost a day of his precious vacation time from work. There were also numerous empty seats on the flight. It's all about BIS folks. (Bums in seats)
Huck Finn -5
Wonder when John Kerry and the rest of his climate crones is going to buy one to shuttle themselves to their climate club conferences?
A thoroughly irrelevant political comment.
A massive white elephant, the behemoth should never have gotten further than the concept board
How much would a used A380 cost now on the secondary market?
Unfortunately still too much for me


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