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Delta Purchases 25 Airbus A321neos, Accelerates Aircraft Deliveries

Delta Air Lines (DL) has converted purchase rights for 25 Airbus A321neo into firm orders, further expanding their narrowbody fleet with next generation aircraft. ( 기타...

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don't know if delta would have gifted boeing with such a bounty of orders for 737max , except for boeing's mis-steps resulting in Delta's anger at boeing. Both aircraft- Neo 321 and 737max offer fuel burn improvements.
Doubtful. Delta has 111 757-200 needing replacement. The 737 MAX doesn't compete with the A321 NEO and is a poor replacement for the 757. Prior to Boeing stupidly taking a swipe at Delta over the BCS, DL had made a huge order for both the A321 CEO and NEO with the NEO purchase including options for 100 aircraft. This order maintains the 100 options.


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