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Jumbo History: When Did The Boeing 747 First Fly?

Many people, both among avgeeks and the general public, consider the Boeing 747 to be among the most iconic airliners of all time. A key factor in this is its longevity. Indeed, the jumbo has been flying for over five decades across all variants, inspiring generation after generation. But when exactly did the ‘Queen of the Skies’ first fly? ( 기타...

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I flew with my 18mo. old daughter on a brand new B-747 in 1965 from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico- Pan Am. It was a most amazing sensation, taking off. And, the child is now 50 yrs. old.
Correcction: The years was 1971, not 1965.
The first flight was February 9, 1969, and wasn't introduced until 1971 with, if I am not wrong, Lufthansa.


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