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Heavier Passengers on Planes Mean New Safety Limits for Airlines

Passengers keep getting bigger. Now airlines must account more accurately for that. The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring updates to passenger and baggage weight estimates that airlines use to keep each flight within airplane safety limits. Each U.S. airline must submit a plan by June 12 explaining which average weights for passengers and baggage they’ll use, down to phones and clothing, and how they estimated those weights. The FAA must approve each airline’s plan. ( 기타...

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People are getter bigger, seats are getting smaller…….perfect!
I was surprised to see the size of the chairs at the hospital a few years ago. I hadn't been in a hospital in years, and just looked at them and was shocked. I used to crash at a friends house on his 'pit group', and sleep curled up on a section of that that was smaller than that chair.

I had surgery too, and felt lost on the bed I had. It was nearly like a king sized bed, and they wheeled me around. I thought if they went too fast I would take flight! It was HUGE. And ambulance gurneys are build to hold hundreds of pounds more than ever, and are also HUGE.

Americans have gotten fat. Americans have gotten lazy. Americans have gotten stupid. Americans have gotten angry when they realize what condition they are in, but their inaction, and ignorance have made it impossible to save themselves from it all.

Hell, my neighbor drives their car out to get their mail on the weekend. It's a brutal 2 minute walk. I've passed out several time trying it myself!🙄🙄🙄🙄

One benefit is some of the newer planes do have larger first class seats. Kinda odd, but they work...
The days of male, 175. Female 135 and children 75……bags at 35 lbs are long gone!
As Big man myself over the years I have observed , that the Asian Market, planes accommodate for the size of their Asian population with the size of their seats being smaller so they can fit more in .However westerners are getting bigger Polynesian people are huge so this must be compensated for bigger seats and more leg room instead of Passenger asking for more expensive upgrades for leg room .
geroldn 1
Look at the people in Norman Rockwell paintings. That will give you an idea of the size of a person that the FAA wrote weight estimates for in the 1950s & 1960s.
Knowing that the estimations of passenger and luggage weight is based on the time when Star Trek was being filmed, and people weighed around 100 pounds, instead of the near, or over 200 pounds now.

My mom weighed over 200 pounds. Probably around 280. She was depressed, and lonely, and had a crappy diet, and got so 'fat' she couldn't exercise. She couldn't even lift herself off the floor. The road to 'too fat' is an easy road to get onto. Hell, I weighed over 250 at one point myself. I had a candy fetish, and drove hours during the day, and ate fast food, and by the time I got home, I was beat and left for dead. I finally started exercising after I nearly passed out climbing my stairs, and lost over 70 pounds. I was horrified that I weighed that much, but it was really surprisingly easy to get that way.

Shaming fat people doesn't work, but helping them be more active and helping them have a batter diet and life could go quite far...
fatties should have their own airline
Tim Dyck 1
I am tall and wide but healthy with a bulk of muscle. Call me a fatty and I will pick you up and break you like a twig.
It’s not just overweight people who weigh above average. Some of us are just built big and due to exercise and work we displace more aria and weigh more then the average person. I find airline seats to be small and uncomfortable but I don’t complain and try to accommodate those sitting next to me. On the bright side if another passenger gets rude with airline staff or other passengers all I usually have to do is stand up and politely ask them to calm down and the situation is over.

It was the only airline that treated my mother with any respect. She was shamed and charged extra on Delta, and the seat next to her was empty. At least Southwest would refund her 'fat fee' if the plane wasn't full.


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