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Airbus Delivers Delta’s 50th A220 Aircraft

Today marked the delivery of Delta’s 50th Airbus A220 aircraft. ( 기타...

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if boeing had the ability to act on a very good idea, then they, not AIrbus would be looking at the beginnings of a 2,500 airliner sales market, with the aircraft for this time and for the next 20 years
canuck44 1
Boeing certainly dropped the ball on this fully developed aircraft when it had the opportunity to acquire Bombardier and Airbus obtained the deal of the century.
Excellent marketing work by the former US President - and employment increased in Mobile Alabama, delivering a great aeroplane to an airline which I (across the Pond) hold in high regard.

Looks like a win-win to me, especially with another 45 airframes on order. Well done Bombardier!


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