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Dassault's new $75 mil private jet with the largest cabin of its class is primed to blow Gulfstream and Bomba's flagship jets out of the water

Dassault Aviation is the latest entrant into the ultra-long-range realm of private jets and going up against long-time rivals Bombardier and Gulfstream with its latest Falcon 10X. Debuted in May, the $75 million Falcon 10X — with a top speed of Mach .925 and range of 7,500 nautical miles — appears to offer a similar value proposition to Bombardier and Gulfstream's flagships, which boast similar capabilities in range and speed. ( 기타...

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Dassault should have asked Al Haynes (may he rest in peace) what he would have thought about a single throttle operation for multi-engine aircraft? Pretty jet but far too late to the game. It will hit production just as Gulfstream starts cruising a new model at M1.3
Not a huge market here, except for the egoes of customers who seek the latest, bestest ( my word) undate (?) of the 18 hour corporate plushjet.


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