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A Russian passenger plane that disappeared in Siberia has been located with all 19 people aboard still alive

An Antonov-28 plane, operated by regional airline SiLA, has been found after making an emergency landing in Siberia. All 19 passengers on board are alive and are being evacuated. A source told Interfax that the flight "stopped communicating" mid-flight and had disappeared off radar. A Russian plane that disappeared off radar near the Tomsk region of Siberia has been located - and all 19 passengers on board are alive, local officials told Sky News. ( 기타...

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“ The plane extended its landing gear, but flipped after it made the hard landing,”

That’s some skill! The AN28 has a fixed gear ;-)
Cleffer 28
The media is the worst when it comes to aviation. I'm still laughing about when CNN reported that the "Boeing 777 will struggle to maintain altitude once the fuel tanks are empty".
Greg S 7
That was a classic. I'm still trying to find a screenshot of that one somewhere online.
CNN Boeing 777 screenshot
jwelder3 4
Oh yeah, struggling will be over if it runs out of fuel. But they are “newsies,” so there’s that.
sure aren't journalists....newsies, maybe so.
Don't they just drop the helium masks and go blimp mode?
A masterpiece of dry humour and understatement.
lol Sean
btweston -1
If you didn’t have ThE mEdIa you’d have to find something else to rage about on the internet. But the internet is a medium so I guess you’d just be screwed.
So typical! Can't say I'm surprised in the least.
These days, you cannot expect "journalists" to take the time to get facts. :-(

Glad there were no fatalities.
lol Rico
ADXbear 14
I'm convinced that every media outlet should hire an aviation pro to look over their releases for accuracy, especially the movie business..
....or even simply an enthusiastic amateur ??
btweston 1
Why don’t you write them a letter?
Greg Perry 14
The article fails to mention how long ago the crash occurred. We don’t know if they were stranded for five years or five minutes,
It was only supposed to be a 3 hour tour.
Yes, it's not clear on that. But it does say "two helicopters were dispatched to locate the plane, and all 19 passengers were being evacuated". So, that suggests as though they were located quite quickly after the landing.
Thankfully....they found them before they began to eat each other
Would have made for an epic season on ‘Survivors’
ihristov 5
The article refers to from July 16 2021

Russian is not my native language (and neither is English), but approximate translation is below. Notice the 'original' report says 13 passengers, not 19

===== start of attempted translation ====
An AN-28 airplaine disappeared close to Tomsk with 13 people on board

Moskow. 16 july 2021. INTERFAX.RU - A passenger AN-28 disappeared close to Tomsk, there is a fix on the beacon signal, an informed source communicated to "Interfax"

"An airplane AN-28 stopped communicating, later the emergency beacon was started and has been detected. Search is taking place" - said the source

On board the airplane are found 13 people, including 4 children.

Based on preliminary data, the airplane belongs to "Light Siberia Aviation" airline. It was on an internal route from Kedrovy to Tomsk.

The source supposed, that the missing AN-28 could have landed in the Bochkarsk region of the Tomsk oblast. "Based on preliminary data, a search square was established, from which we are able to receive a beacon signal", clarified he (the source)

In search of the missing airplane aviation was dispatched, including MI-8 helicopters.
===== end of attempted translation ====

* The city of Kedrovy -,_Tomsk_Oblast
* As per Google Maps distance by car is 1,200 km (by way of Novosibirsk) and it would take 16 hours. Distance by air (direct line) is 480 km,+Russia/Kedrovy,+Tomsk+Oblast,+Russia,+636615/

Copy of content from is below as retrieved on July 24, 2021

Самолет Ан-28 пропал под Томском с 13 людьми на борту
Москва. 16 июля. INTERFAX.RU - Пассажирский Ан-28 пропал под Томском, зафиксирован сигнал аварийного маяка, сообщил "Интерфаксу" информированный источник.

"Самолет Ан-28 перестал выходить на связь, позднее зафиксировано срабатывание аварийного маяка. Ведутся поиски", - сказал источник.

На борту самолета находятся 13 человек, включая четырех детей.

По предварительным данным, самолет принадлежит авиакомпании "Сибирская легкая авиация". Он совершал внутрирегиональный рейс по маршруту Кедровый-Томск.

Источник предположил, что пропавший Ан-28 мог совершить жесткую посадку в Бакчарском районе Томской области. "По предварительным данным, установлен квадрат поиска в Бакчарском районе, оттуда поступают сигналы маяка", - пояснил он.

На поиски пропавшего самолета направлена авиация, в том числе вертолеты Ми-8.
WhAt hIm Said!
Thank goodness!
Likely built for strength not weight and money savings. Flipping a plane and everyone survives without seats flying and plane turning to shards butchering people is nice. Easy to make them laugh telling them any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.
Link to accident description including photo of the wreck:
Believe it or not, they found it parked right next to Malaysian 370!
KoolerKT 4
Praise the King of the universe.
Did he design it? Kudos to him.
ihristov 2
I have a mistake above. The destination is Tomsk, not Omsk. As per Google Maps the 480 km trip would take 6:30 h by car. Direct line distance is 370 km,+Tomsk+Oblast,+Russia,+636615/Tomsk,+Tomsk+Oblast,+Russia/
carste10 2
I hate it when I run out of birdseed...
D Rotten 2
So-called journalism really IS dead! Not word one of WHEN this all happened! Pathetic!
btweston 5
Judging by where it says “6 days ago” under the headline I’m going to say about six days ago.
Hard to tell with all of the fake news these days!
btweston 3
No, it’s clearly displayed.


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