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Qantas CEO Confirms A350 Is Still The Target For Project Sunrise

On Thursday, Qantas boss Alan Joyce affirmed the airline’s commitment to the ultra long-haul flights and the A350 aircraft that will eventually operate them. Qantas still keen on Project Sunrise ( 기타...

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They're currently using 789's for non-stop repatriation flights from LHR into Darwin so it's good practice. I think there's even been one this week.
Franky16 1
So who are you to determine that the WA Government needs a good slapdown? I note that you work for the ABC. Enough said. We all know where they stand . Which part of lock-downed Australia do you reside in? In WA, we're happily going about our normal lives, including attending the AFL Grand Final which cant be held in Victoria. Comments please?

Potentially a good move by Alan Joyce. Even better if all economy seats are dropped and replaced with premium economy seating. With long hauls to London & NY who doesn't mind paying for a better seat.
No chance of that. Joyce used to work for Ryanair remember. Sardine cans are the way to go for him.
Whoops! ... my mistake, it was Aer Lingus ... still, I can't see him changing to suit the needs of the travelling public. He doesn't care much about them, just their fares.


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