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Southwest Airlines is giving fully vaccinated staff 16 hours extra pay - and cutting special sick pay for unvaccinated workers who catch COVID-19

Southwest Airlines is giving staff 16 hours extra pay if they show proof they're fully vaccinated. Southwest said flight attendants and pilots would receive pay for 13 trip segments, per CNBC. The airline is also cutting special sick pay for unvaccinated people who catch COVID-19. Southwest Airlines is boosting incentives for staff to get COVID-19 vaccines. The airline is giving fully vaccinated staff 16 hours extra pay if they show proof of vaccination before November 15, according to a… ( More...

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John D 45
Judging from some of the comments here, mental illness is a more serious problem in the US than previously thought.
I know, it's rather sad coming from the same nation that put men on the moon...
aero1982 2
To answer your stupid sarcasm, yes mental illness is a big issue in America.
s s 2
I know, there should be forced lockdowns like in Australia! Put the military on the streets and keep people inside!
Freedom12 -5
The only lock down should be on your mouth! Fool!
davehuffma 22
Remember when flightaware was a place to talk about planes not medical politics?
lfilipov747 2
Sadly, it's the main topic of conversation on most platforms now. So done wuth it.
if you are a frontline worker,as airline employees are,even the rampers,you SHOULD be vaccinated against a proven very contagious virus..if you travel overseas as a passenger or as a crewmember,you must have certain vaccinations,so why would this one be an issue?its no more discriminatory nor dictatorial than requiring shirts and shoes to enter a restarant,or requiring employees to wear a uniform or a tie,or i might add, having to show proof of insurance at an accident or to get an inspection sticker..the shots are so that everyone can be protected,and they are now readily available to everyone..
wayne holder 1
What are you protected against...just curious.
Against the spike protein for the original Wuhan strain which is not extinct!
Peter McGrath -7
Equating shirts and shoes in a restaurant to injecting an unproven foreign substance into your body is just plain ridiculous. The logic: You get vaccinated to protect other vaccinated people from getting sick from the virus they got vaccinated against because you're not vaccinated! Think about it!
skinutca 1
No one is suggesting using bleach or horse medicine, are malaria drugs. So I am not sure what unproven foreign substance you are referring to.
Freedom12 -3
You get them. I don't want them and nobody is going to make me take it.
This is not a vaccine!I hope you do well in the coming months from taking this gene therapy. Start calling it for what it is!
I hate to stare the obvious, but all these anti-science comments, well, they fall under the umbrella of, “Never argue with an idiot. First, they drag you down to their level, then they beat you because they are experienced (idiots, that is)].”
Science, the people that brought thalidomide, that told us that the sun revolves around the earth. Also told us that it was impossible for bacteria to live in your stomach. Always question what you are being told, as it may be wrong.
William Kaupe 20
All of you anti-vaxxers have been given mandatory vaccines multiple times in your lives. That's why you don't have polio, measles, mumps, etc. Unfortunately there's no vaccine against your phony ideas of "freedom."
aero1982 2
Unfortunately there is no vaccine either for blind stupidity
Deb atkinson -3
Those were true vaccines then, not genetically altered material You didn't need boosters. You can't vaccinate for a respiratory virus... ie flu vaccines which they say are required yearly. They are murdering millions of babies due to the liberty of "my body my choice". But I don't have that same liberty? Don't tell me that they care about you or humanity..If you are so convinced about the protection they say the vaccine delivers, why are you threatened by those who don't?... You are protected!! It has the same logic as me wearing a raincoat to keep the other person dry. Phony ideas of freedom? They've taken every down every social platform of fully credit professionals that counter the mis-truths of this pandemic... so the freedom of speech is certainly violated....what's next?

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cyberjet 8
This is complete nonsense. There was over ten years of scientific research into MRNA vaccines prior to this, and several MRNA therapies are already in use around the world with great success. The only change required for a COVID vaccine was to determine the precise markers that cause the body to build an immunity. With DNA tracing technologies that was a very simple process.
wiztom -5
10 years of research that proved it wasn't ready for prime time. They rushed this and didn't use standardized lab procedures, per the scientist who invented the process. This is why you are seeing people with bad reactions to it.
wayne holder 3
I'm pretty sure you were a minor and didn't have a choice either
Gary Ondrey -6
You are delusional if you think that this is a vaccine. You have been duped by some very corrupt people. I hope you're still around in five years to prove me wrong
David Beattie 20
Funny how these cultists who don’t believe in medical science RUSH to the hospital to be saved by medical science when, because of their own idiocy, they become gravely ill.
Bob Hall 8
I know right? Don’t they have a stockpile of Ivermectin in the fridge?
Kevin Syler 10
Great Southwest!
Are they cutting sick pay to vaccinated workers who get Covid-19?
David Beattie 2
No, because they are rare and when they DO get sick,, they don’t end up on ventilators and die.
SkyAware123 3
that's a lie. Our local hospital had a breakout. 24 vaccinated people got covid and 7 non-vaccinated people got covid. fact.
donjohnston 4
If that's true then you should be able to provide documentation. A news article perhaps? Otherwise you're just making things up.
Anthony Fiti 8
Those numbers don’t mean anything without the overall risk pool numbers. You can’t draw conclusions from raw numbers.

For example if there were 200 vaccinated staff and 20 unvaccinated staff, you’d look at your numbers and say that the vaccine did its job as expected - only 12% of vaccinated people got sick, while 35% of unvaccinated people got sick.
SkyAware123 -5
Vaccination rate was 50/50
skinutca 2
Not a chance. If you believe it is, the problem lies in your education or your ability to evaluate data. Please provide the name of the hospital and the data range for the phantom outbreak.

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Bob Hall 13
What koolaid have you been drinking? 83% of those in ICU are unvaccinated!
BWAHAHAH!!!! Best laugh I've had all week! Thanks!
Not true. Hospitals are calling 'unvaccinated' those who haven't had the 3rd shot. It's quite a racket they have going.
skinutca 2
They do not doing any such thing. Please try and understand what you are posting about.
Chuck Lavazzi 0
Evidence? Or is that going to require the services of a doctor with a flashlight?
Randall Bursk 3
There’s enough population on earth to support both sides. Choose where you want to live, work, airlines to fly, etc. freedom of choice.
lyn williams 1
Flight Aware should rename their pub: The Daily Dismay.
Earl Gough -2
This is Discriminatory. Then what do you do with those who are vaccinated who contact Covid-19? You do know that the vaccine is not an immunization, right? You can still get and transmit Covid-19.
cyberjet 2
You don’t seem to know what vaccination actually does. Here’s a hint - it does not stop a virus from being contracted or causing an infection. It reduces the severity of the infection when it does occur. It’s always been that way.
Steve Stein 2
Don’t blame the vaccinated people who get breakthroughs. It’s the minority who are not vaccinated who continue to spread Covid.

It’s not discriminatory if an airline or company mandates a health and safety issue. If you get hired by any medium to large company these days, you have to submit to drug testing. I worked for a company for years that was bought out and the new company demanded drug tests. No test, no job.

None of this is political. It’s the bottom line. If an unvaccinated person spreads Covid to a workforce, then there is lost time. Companies are already short-staffed. Benefit costs go up. Smokers pay more in benefits already.

Besides, my Bill Gates 5G vax gets me better internet speeds for free.
wayne holder 1
This is discrimination at its best because SWA and/or all the other airlines have grouped(or categorized)employees and passengers as vaccinated or non-vaccinated.

The definition of discrimination(from Meriam-Webster) is as follows: the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people.

I'm pretty sure we went through this already with Rosa Parks(Montgomery bus) and are still going through this with equal pay for men and women doing the same job.

Please keep us advised on the internet speeds though.
Dan Nelson -8
Used to be a great company to work for...

If the "vaccines" are so good, why should anyone who's vaccinated care if others aren't?

"My body, my choice!" (Oh wait, that only applies to "abortions").
Alix Remponeau -9
Maybe abortion is contagious.
eric pearson -2
It is!! Look at the 5.5 million children we don't have today...oh, yeah, they were murdered in the is contagious, and please note, the Demonrats fight "tooth and nail" to continue the practice..
We have a pandemic of ignorance. Those who seek "safety" from a company producing an experimental gene therapy who was found guilty of federal crimes, and who paid 2.9 billion in fines back in 2009 are just grist for their mill. You who took the gene therapy are in a cult and suffer from serious psychosis. Enjoy being a big pharma lab rat and all the freedom that comes with.
JJ Johnson -1
Boy looking at the down votes with some of the comments what happened to pilots with a pair? This site has turned into a liberal wacko borderline Marxist sheeple site. Go ahead and downvote me. SHEEPLE. No pilots left just autopilot button pushers. Wonder how long before dorks in cubicles will control the airplanes from the ground?

Just go ahead and put your brain in a bag Biden worshipers. It's over. Sad.
Deb atkinson -5
That's total discrimination!!! as like any other form of it. Any decent employer would provide accommodations for those who do not believe in the mandate. There are many legitimate reasons a person would opt out of taking a vaccine. You may give perks to those who get it, but giving demerits to anyone who doesn't is tyrannical and coercive!!! How dare you? It sounds illegal to me. If it were a true vaccine Nobody would be getting sick. like vaccine for tetanus,Hep C... you are totally protected... Non of this booster crap we're seeing now. it's totally arbitrary what these CEOs are doing which based on total discrimination!! No individual liberties or freedoms here. What are we?... China?. I'm a healthcare worker and have been involved through studies in making vaccines.... Don't try to shove your undocumented half-truths down my throat. If one person vaccinated gets sick, it has failed! Do some studies on the Spanish Flu epidemic... Most of the deaths and transmissions were spread by a vaccinated populace. Vaccines are different than having to put a mask on or or do mandated things while on the job. You can't take off a vaccine when you leave the job.. By the way... Mandates are not a part of a true republic form government.
Chuck Lavazzi 5
"I'm a healthcare worker and have been involved through studies in making vaccines." What does "healthcare worker" mean in this context? What are you credentials, degrees, and research experience with vaccines?

I'm just asking for laughs. I know we're not going to get answers.
Norm Dillon 2
Basically there were no effective vaccines for the Spanish flu.
jrollf 5
Many court precedents over many decades have supported business making requirements like this. Our legal system has ruled you "don't have to work for this company"... so it's up to you do decide, you can quit and work for someone else.

As far as our legal system is concerned you still have a choice, that choice may get you fired looking for a new job, but you have a choice, therefore it is not discrimination. They have also ruled the employer has the right to make mandates to ensure a safe work environment.. that includes mandating vaccines.
jrollf 5

"In 1905, the high court made a fateful ruling with eerie parallels to today: One person’s liberty can’t trump everyone else’s."

"In its decision, the court also cited recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance, which states that employers can require employees to be vaccinated, subject to the obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with legitimate medical or religious reasons for not being vaccinated. The court also rejected Plaintiffs’ arguments regarding the Nuremberg Code, emphasizing that equating a COVID-19 vaccine mandate to forced human medical experimentation during the Holocaust is “reprehensible,” and that in any event, the Nuremberg Code does not apply to private employers.

The Order concludes with a strong endorsement of mandatory vaccine policies in employment, stating that Plaintiffs “can freely choose to accept or refuse a COVID-19 vaccine; however, if [they] refuse, [they] will simply need to work somewhere else…Every employment includes limits on the worker’s behavior in exchange for his remuneration. This is all part of the bargain.”"
aurodoc 4
There was no such thing as a vaccine during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Misinformation.
Deb atkinson -4
check your facts before you bark
eric pearson -4
Communist/socialist ideals at work in America...All you who believe this is good policy, I have a one-way ticket to the communist country of your choice. Go and enjoy this philosophy...just do not think it is good for America!!!
@eric pearson - from the looks of the respondents here and the 'downvotes', it looks like there are a good many wanting that 'one-way ticket to the commie country of their choice'.... Wow, truly sad how many sheeple there still are.. way too few critical thinkers and researchers.
wiztom 4
Amen. Too many lazy people getting their "news" and "science" from social media. The current government doesn't want people who think for themselves or do actual research.

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Sean Sims 33
Vaccination status is not a protected class and SWA is a private corporation. If you don't like the rules you can always work for/fly a different carrier.

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Alix Remponeau -2
Replied like a Trump supporter and insurrectionist.
I flew in February 2021 on Delta Airlines and walked away with 6 anti-bacterial wipes between my wife and I. Even after using 3 or 4. Then in May I flew on United Airlines and ended up using the few wipes my brother and I were given—no extras. Then in July my wife and I flew on Allegiant Airlines and we used 5 of our own travel wipes on the plane since they didn’t provide even one. The airlines are so very different in how they are handling cleanliness during this pandemic. In addition I wore non-latex gloves and used 1/2 dozen wipes on handrails on trams and escalators. No employees in the airports were walking around cleaning stair handrails, escalators, etc. Forcing employees to get vaccinated in political…PERIOD.
Randy Brown -8
This whole Covid mess is purely political.
Yes, it is a real virus. Yes it is deadly.
It was man made. Those that were involved it it’s creation gained patents for it and for the vaccines to treat it.
Talk about market creation.
Why was it created, why was it released when it was. Who is gaining from its creation.
If your answer to these questions is ridicule and personal attacks you are the problem.
When the government can unconstitutionaly steal from one class, landlords and give to another class, tenants something has gone too far.
wiztom 5
Amen. Most of these blind people wont see it until it hits their doorstep. Then its too late.
andersod -8
Good reason not to fly Southwest!
What a load of political bs. Are they cutting pay for employees who smoke, are alcoholics, get the flu without a vaccine or other long term illnesses? “your papers please.” Didn’t know U.S. airlines are run by Communists.

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Fly Trump airline.
donjohnston 3
That went bankrupt many years ago... Like many of his business ventures.

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John Kliewer 17
Except that being black, gay or sporting purple hair is not inherently dangerous as is your neighbor having to breath the same air as you just have if you’re not vaxxed. Cut the bogus equivalents here please.
wayne holder 1
you have a choice...don't breathe that air. No one mandated you have to.

I Don't understand your analogy of the air that a contagious unvaxxed person exhales to that of a contagious vaxxed person exhales. Is one potentially less lethal than the other? I used the word contagious so that both persons are equal other than their vaccinated status.

Bravo Montana!!!
Crt Mori 6
You are not allowed to take guns on the airplane: what a discrimination! I mean according to constitution it is human right to be able to carry kill devices/processes with you (sarcasm in case it is not obvious - and I come from Europe where even second statement is wierd)
s s 3
Just bought a beautiful new "kill device" this week. Enjoy your endless lockdown!
rdlink 2
Too dumb to live.
GTFOH. How about we just segregate all the unvaccinated and put them on a cattle car. That sounds good to you guys huh?

This is exactly why we need to carry guns, so we don’t end up rolled in a mass grave. You people are disgusting.
Norm Dillon 1
Their working on that, it's called an ICU where 90% of the residents are unvaccinated.
s s 1
Wonder why Australia banned all the guns? Now you know. A country of clawless animals kept locked down and threatened with SWAT tactics if they dare get together with their neighbors for a day at the beach.
wiztom 3
Coming to a Country near you.

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Iain Maciver 16
‘Lost business’ if you are not vaccinated, they don’t want your business

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Crt Mori 10
Don't worry, there is a special award you can compete for, I just hope there will be someone to nominate you:

Such claims can be really hurtful to people who lost life to your non-existent virus and who still have serious consequences months after.

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Alix Remponeau 19
Sometimes it is best not to say anything than risk showing yourself a fool.
btweston 5
Someone listens to their radio like a good boy.
garritt -7
YEA !!!!!
aero1982 -2
This is complete BS. Now these companies are going too far with their forms of punishing the unvaccinated. I’m ashamed of Southwest Airlines being such a good airline with great customer service doing this.
Ohio2Montana -8
YOU will take the injection.
Gary Ondrey -4
Communism at it's very best ! Disgraceful


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