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Feinstein Proposes Bill Requiring COVID Vaccination Or Negative Test For Passengers On All Domestic Flights

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – All passengers on domestic flights would be required to be either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide proof of a recent negative test, under a new bill proposed by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act submitted Wednesday by Feinstein would also allow unvaccinated people who have already contracted COVID-19 to provide proof that they have fully recovered in lieu of a negative test. ( More...

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David Ehlert 26
But if you're an illegal being shipped around the country, don't worry, you won't have to follow the rules..!!!!
Chris B 7
Let’s put them on flights home
Mark Kortum 7
John Eliopoulos 3
That’s OK, I’ll drive.
ADXbear 10
I'm all for vaccines, but the country doesn't need an other nitwit from the "Republic of California " telling the rest of us how to live..
Maybe we should have a passport to enter the country of California and vice a versa...

The people on earth to rule our country are California Democrates. Jmho of course
James Simms 8
The People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Kalifornia (PDSRK)
Chris Croft 7
Feinstein couldn't propose her way out of a wet paper bag. She's 88 yrs old, She hasn't had a lucid idea in years This proposal is being spoon fed by her staff, trying to keep her relevant to her clueless constituents.
Carol Forcini 5
Term limits!
JJ Johnson 9
That will be a NO

Not until every illegal that crosses the border is vaccinated

Is Comrade Feinstein actually still alive?
I thought she moved to North Korea?
joe johnson 5
Lil Kim deported her.
jeff slack 4
Up until 1976 you did not travel anywhere internationally without shots and proof; I know this article is about domestic travel but this is about stopping or at least gaining control of an out of control pathogen.

International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis › wiki › International_Certificat.
This stopped Yellow Fever, Cholera, and many other known diseases; we stopped being mandated to travel with this doc attached to passports in 1976.

I think more frightening than this virus is people not buckling down to do what it takes to eradicate the spread.

We are now caught up in a game of complaining until you get your way or sue until you get what you want ............ like a Twitter account that was banned for life because of statements that pushed violence.

Get your will in order if you feel like most of the commentators below ........ (I can see I am the odd man out) ............. oh, wait that may be as pointless as your arguments; your family may not be around to share what you leave behind.

Stupidity based on 'your personal freedom' will bring more death.
John Eliopoulos 3
You’re right, you’re the odd man out. Goodbye!
SmittySmithsonite 1
Stupidity based on blindly following government edicts will also bring more death ... eventually.
Tee Thomas 4
Be vaccinated OR proof of negative test?

How about just a big fat NO!
Especially when we all know the vaccined can also catch the Rona.
frequentflyguy 3
I'm vaxxed but still got COVID from my wife... funny part is I have tested each week for the last 4 weeks and one week its positive, one week negative...

I hate masks and I believe in personal freedom and choice except when the cabin door closes. The air may change frequently but we are in a tube and my health pivots on idiots taking care of themselves properly.

(also you should be put on the NO-Fly list for farting on an airplane as well... I mean c'mon)
jerry hamm 2
finestien stick it up your a**
This administration--and all Democratic Congresspeople--Democratic Senators (except Joe Manchin..I kinda like him) are PUPPETS for Big Pharma.

Wake up Tik-Tokkers and snowflakes!!
Nathan Cox 2
All for a virus that has a 99.9X survival rate with no hospitalization. Meanwhile, if you come through Texas, come on down, you’re the next contestant on The Border is Open!
paul trubits 3
Tell that to the families of the 700,000 and counting souls that are no longer with us.
frequentflyguy 7
Then when are we going to make China accountable?
EllisBabenois -2
That number is bogus. It's nowhere near that. Thats the number that died WITH Covid not OF.


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