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Greenpeace urges Europe to drop short flights, take trains

A study commissioned by the environmental group Greenpeace shows that over one-third of the busiest short-haul flights in Europe have viable train alternatives which are far less polluting. ( 기타...

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aurodoc 10
Well, getting back on track (no pun intended), regardless of what Greenpeace wants, it is a better experience taking the train for short hauls. For trips that are 500-600 miles or less it is quicker to get from city center to city center on train. From Berlin to Munich it is 4 hours and 30 minutes by train. The flight is an hour but add in the time to check in and getting to and from the airport from the center of town it is pretty much a wash. You still need short haul flights for passengers to connect to other cities but a lot of travel can be switched to an efficient rail network in a more densely populated continent. (BTW it wont work here except maybe in the NE corridor)
When I traveled around Europe on biz, I tried to take the train as much as possible, especially in Germany. The ICE trains were awesome and on-time. Italian trains were kind of meh, but okay if you based around Rome.
Curious as to why the violent activist group Greenpeace, who's name should be Greenwar, is still relevant.
mbrews 5
Yes, here is one example; there are plenty more on-line.

In early December 2014, more than 20 Greenpeace activists damaged a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of a publicity stunt meant to motivate greater government support for renewable-energy sources. The activists walked into a “strictly prohibited” area where the Nazca Lines are located in Peru and laid big, yellow cloth letters that read, “Time for change; the future is renewable.”

Because the Nazca Lines are fragile and footprints can last hundreds of years, not even heads of state are allowed to walk there without special authorization, and even then, they are required to wear special shoes. More than 20 people were arrested for the act, but after being bailed out, they skipped the country and as far as I can determine, Greenpeace’s “Nazca Destroyers” have avoided Peruvian justice to this day.
You should maybe have fact-checked that from whatever source you picked it up from:

Kind of a huge leap from this questionable incident to labeling them "violent".
mbrews -4
Then by all means, proceed to sign up as crewmate on Greenpeace's well-known ship the Rainbow Warrior. Get Greta to join as ship mascot ?

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Greg S 8
So you think Greenpeace and PETA are the same organization?
Some people are easily confused, I guess. :-)
Cleffer 1
Sorry. I was sleepy this morning.
The trouble with all these debates and arguments is that human beings generally don't give a hoot for the benefit of mankind and are blinkered by short term profit, their own agenda and their own comfort. It makes absolute sense to limit the pollution we create on this earth for future generations.
This is God's Creation, given us to use, but to do so while showing respect to God.
I can see how my post could anger people. :-)
linbb -1
Dont really think so it is evolution from an ice age to what we have now and are going thru climate that never stops. Thats why at one time those cities or settlements at the bottom of the ocean are there.
Phil Howry -5
Has any research been conducted on the impact the earth's historic and current volcanic eruptions has polluted the atmosphere? I find it very disingenuous to take a relative "dot" of data gathering on the earth's millions of year long time line continuum and proclaim that limited data represents an all-inclusive history of the earth's alleged "climate change". In fact, was any research gathered on the degree of atmospheric pollution the Mount St. Helen eruption caused back in 1980?

Why don't alleged "climate experts" work on eliminating potential volcanic eruptions; "for future generations".
“Volcanoes emit around 0.3 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. This is about 1% of human CO2 emissions which is around 29 billion tonnes per year“
It helps that European train systems, based on our experience, are generally quite fast, reliable, and comfortable. I'd rather take the train there any day (which is what we usually do)
So take the train if you are concerned about the environmental impact of planes

ROY, ROY, ROY, you might be a bit testy after years of working against dunderheads who deny anything amiss with the environment, polar ice caps, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere we all breathe, but don't call them names...
Greg S 0
Ah yes, the totalitarian mindset of the Robert Cowling-alikes: "As long as we're sure we're right, anything goes. And no one is allowed to disagree with us either!"
linbb -8
Well gee lets see, they have been melting since when? Since melting started on earth which has nothing to do with god. Its climate started to change way back well before anyone walked the earth. Its just evolving and there is NOTHING which will stop it. It could turn into an ice age just like it turned in to a warmer age.
Huck Finn -2
Greenpeace can fuck off! I want that $20 I donated to you assholes 40 years ago with interest! Bunch of jerks!! ps. I'll fly down the block just to piss you assholes off!
Screw Greenpeace. More lost jobs and greater inconvenience to people.
Craig Good -2
While they may be correct in this case, this is the same Greenpeace which, as a matter of stated policy, is in favor of children going blind, getting sick, and dying. They are ideological monsters and should not be supported. They certainly have no moral authority.


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