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61 passengers from South Africa tested positive for Covid upon arrival in Amsterdam on KLM flight

Passengers of flight KL598 from Cape Town (Boeing 777-300ER registered PH-BVC) and flight KL592 from Johannesburg (Boeing 777-300ER registered PH-BVK) had to wait for hours in the plane after arrival and stay at Schiphol after disembarking to be tested and wait for the results. ( 기타...

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JJ Johnson -1
Awesome the panic porn addicts will mask up and have another round of paranoid delusion and Government control
the vaccination rates are reportedly very low in that part of the world,sad to say...covid will continue to be an issue for many years to come as it constantly mutates and has not been eradicated..
It never will be.

The common cold (a covid virus) may have very well been deadly eons ago. Today, and for most, an annoyance

Covid will continue mutating out of Africa for years to come.
bbabis 1
We should welcome this and hope for more mutations. As living organisms the only things viruses 🦠 want to do are survive and reproduce. Killing the host is not a way to accomplish that so they mutate. Each mutation gets more contagious and less deadly until everybody has it and nobody knows it which is virus nirvana. It then joins the other millions of viruses we all have in our bodies. Our immune systems are constantly keeping them under control.
On average, 1% of fully vaccinated people get a break through case of Delta Covid. This is a 9% break through rate for Omicron. If you think hospitals were overwhelmed with Delta, Omicron will increase the problem by a magnitude of 10. Since the 9% were likely tested before departure and fully masked from admit to the airport to going to quarantine hotels, Omicron probably has a much higher rate of transmission. Yes, 2nd and 3rd world countries will probably fuel future mutations, but we can see how quickly they can arrive here.
Source? Otherwise you are tossing out bs statistics in an attempt to make yourself look smarter than you are.
omnicrom They are reporting this a mild starin Thats how virus work. Some doctors are saying more get infected, the better as there body will become immune and this will stop.
Just read som top doctors reports

Also 2 weeks ago SA advised Physer that they dont want all these vaccines. What happens we have a new strain from africa that was complaining

People are brain dead. Read the science ans they have data now, but the elite will not

What a world. Jesus said this will becoming and it is
ADXbear 0
Sorry.. but these countries must be isolated.. nothing comes out..


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