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Indonesia’s $6bn airport bid to rival Singapore raises eyebrows

A $6bn proposal to turn an Indonesia airport into a regional hub rivalling Singapore and Kuala Lumpur has sparked concern among local tour operators who question the transparency and feasibility of the project. ( 기타...

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Never. Going. To. Happen.
A hub has to be a destination in its own right, not just an aircraft meeting place. Millions aren't going to suddently want to visit the north of Sumatera.

Those same millions use the likes of Bangkok, KL and Singapore because they both visit those countries AND transit through them.

This is just another opportunity for select noses to feed in the SE Asian trough of corruption.
You must have never been to Indonesia.

A number of times: Pulau Weh and Bukit Lawang in Sumatera were two of the places.

It's a magical place, but not one that will draw 'millions', like the other local SE Asia destinations named in the article.
Indonesia has many very interesting and exciting places for people to visit, especially if they have never been to an "exotic" Asian destination before... but the north of Sumatra out in the middle of nowhere in what is certainly at present a small town, is definitely not it.
Well seeing the photos and knowing Jakarta's sh**hole airport, this one already looks way better. Much nicer inside... mind you, I can't see why anyone would go there - it's in the middle of nowhere, and without local hospitality industry support, and some reason to visit while "passing through", I can't see how it could ever work. Yes it's in Northern Sumatra, but if you have ever been to, or lived in an Asian city (I have been in Bangkok for nearly 30 years), the difference between modern cities like KL and Singapore and a local township that would have a LOT of growing to do, most tourists or others on stopover are going to want to leave quickly...
IF they can build the local support for such a huge turnover of pax, then yes, it could work....ish... but, I am not holding my breath.
I fly based on airline schedules and price but Singapore Air trumps them both, even if I have to go a little out of my way and spend a little more time getting to my final destination.
Franky16 1
Ambitious to say the least...
Good for Indonesia's economy and tourism.
Mirabel-sur-mer, anyone? Still, it might encourage a new aircraft factory.....


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