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China Eastern Airlines B738 on Mar 21st 2022, disappeared from radar and crashed into mountains

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 with registration B-1791 performing flight MU 5735 from Kunming to Guanghzou, China, crashed according to CCTV sources with 133 souls on board. ( 기타...

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latteju 6

Tim Dyck 2
Thank you for the link
According to Bloomberg News, "The plane was headed easterly when at 2:20:59pm it began a sudden plunge that would have likely flung objects and any unbelted passengers violently to the ceiling. It went from level flight to a descent rate of almost 31,000 feet per minute in about five seconds.

"But after about 45 seconds, the descent became less steep and for a few moments the jet climbed by more than 1,000 feet. It went from 7,425 feet up to 8,600 feet in about 10 seconds, according to the FlightRadar data, which is based on data transmitted by the plane. Just as the earlier dive would have flung items to the ceiling, the climb would have created huge gravitational forces, pinning people in their seats.

"The climb was short-lived. The jet resumed its dive seconds later, plunging again at about 31,000 feet per minute. The last position recorded on the FlightRadar track was at 2:22:36pm, about a minute and 35 seconds after it began."
Hi Brent Sir, I have tried to see a link that shows a video of this dreadful event? but maybe I am not doing it correctly?
latteju 1

On the dashcam video, you can see it's a 60-70 degrees nose down dive
Nose down dive? As opposed to what a nose up dive?
Greg S 4
Wow, very steep and fast dive but without spin. I'm not sure what could cause that other than pilot suicide. I'll be looking forward to some theories from experts.
I thought about that too, but the fact it leveled off for a while, seems to make that less likely!
Don't speculate, I would rather believe it's mechanical or honest pilot error than pilot suicide. Let's wait for the report.
Plus after MH370 and German wings , many airlines implemented rules not leaving pilots alone in the cockpit. China Eastern is also one of the biggest airline in China, pilots would have relatively good salaries and benefits.
May not be possible to find root cause if black boxes got destroyed.
The 3rd video we see is taken from a TV screen recording, which is taken by some third party, which shows a plane some distance away heading down. This is almost 4th hand information. Speculation based on these photo's is pretty useless. RIP
There are some videos from previous crash also involving a 738. Some people also used precious crash's conclusion as probable cause (pilot error and disorientation during a dive).
The dash cam video seems like the one used by main steam media in China which is more credible.
>> pilot error and disorientation during a dive

Those two are unlikely to be the cause here, the problem started during level flight at cruising altitude.
If anyone that seen the video. Does anyone see the vertical stabilizer??
Tim Dyck 1
I cannot tell if it is there or not.
Holy Cow. I watched the 3rd video in the link and that is just terrifying to see.

What would cause that to happen in the first place? Considering it looked like they were in a vertical downfall, how?? It will be interesting to see the crash report. Prayers to all the families.

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If you could be blocked, I'd never see you again.
Go check yourself into a mental institution. Had it with your disgusting comments.
Yeah, thanks for that insight Mister Perfect. Seems like every time you comment you have to sound like an asshole. If you've got nothing decent or insightful to say just STFU.
Anyone see the third video posted on the link? The plane is literally in a complete vertical downward free fall. Not spinning, very little forward momentum. Straight down. Too bad. Prayers for the families.
latteju 4
The dashcam video in this thread rather shows a 60-70 degrees downward angle.
Tim Dyck 1
Thanks for the link

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