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Air New Zealand To Introduce Bunk Beds From 2024

Air New Zealand has announced a number of cabin upgrades for its 787s, including bunk beds on some of its ultra long models. ( 기타...

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chugheset 14
I don't have much of an opinion on the content of the article but wow, the grammar and spelling is atrocious. I seem like it was written by an AI or at least without someone to proofread it. From "allowing passengers to have an accompanying seat meat share a meal" to "the Skynest area will be located at the frost of the economy cabin". I mean, really (although I do kind of like the word "seat meat" now).
That will go over like a lead balloon.
Is there enough headroom on the 787 to fit a bunk bed in the passenger cabin?
I agree most obese Americans will not fit, change to A 350 is maybe a better option (sarcasm mode off)
can you give more explanations ?
I like the concept. Finally passenger comfort as a forethought not an illusion. I hope it is successful for them. Maybe Air New Zealand can start a trend toward passengers comfort.
I'm waiting for an airline where you just stand for the duration of the flight, no washrooms, no food, nothing. Ability to put about 1000 passengers in economy on a 787
I think RyanAir wanted to do that once, but was shot down. Oops, poor choice of words,…
Surely you jest: “….stand for the duration of the flight….1000 passengers in economy on a 787”…….. That’s not going to happen, if only because certification requires demonstrating that everyone can get out in 90 seconds.
[sarcasm]I mean, if the passengers were standing for the whole flight, there wouldn't be any seats, and so the avenues of escape would be wider, thereby facilitating evacuations.[/sarcasm]
Please edit before publishing! So many stupid mistakes. Seat meat?????
I don't think the writers for are going to read your comments may have better luck contacting them through their website:
Wow. Bunk beds on an airliner. Now that would certainly be an icebreaker a mixed-company dating class cabin. "Hey Fred and Ethel, how did you meet?" "Well, we hit a little turbulence at 38,000 feet." "Next thing you know, I had this cute little present from Heaven right in my lap."
Sign me up. :)
They met while joining The Mile High Club……
I don't think I would want to enter a bunk bed after someone else with stinky feet.
Excited by the title,but reading that you buy just four hour I think is a silly idea.One day I hope long flights in economy will have place to sleep full flat,in bunk spaces but for the entire lenght of the flight
sconklan 2
Obviously, these are for "steerage" passengers. If it doesn't cost too much on a super long flight, it could work.
I recall that several long-range DC-7s were fitted out for bunk beds (overhead). A number of intl. airlines had aircraft of this configuration: NW, KLM, SAS, etc.
Uggh. Screeming children, crying babies, and now beds? This will work how exactly?
I remember flying as a passenger on Gulf Air L1011 ?, in the late seventies, with the aisles used as a flying hospital, with beds, curtains, perfusions, doctors, nurses, etc. Regular passengers were seated in the center, flights from the Gulf states to Europe, due to lack of hospitals in the Middle East. Things have changed a lot since :-)
So, having introduced Ultra long flights (AKL-NYC) AKL-ORD - now introduce beds at a unannounced price (presumably a premium to be able to lie flat - for those who can afford it). To accommodate beds, what sacrifices will need to be made?. So far it is all positive spin and vague on the details so we will have to wait and see.
So these are fixed as bunk beds - not seats that adjust to be flat spaces. How do they sell these for flights that take place during "day" time ?
From the article...

"These beds will not be sold as regular seats as passengers cannot legally occupy them during takeoff and landing, but they will be sold as slotted times during the flight for a duration up to 4 hours per passenger."
Ahh I stopped reading after the first Economy Skynest paragraph - my bad. Hmm, "four hours per passenger" not four hours per booking as in I can't book more than one four hour slot per passenger to get eight hours or 12 hours per passenger ? And it still sounds like potential unused space on day flights. Then there is the issue of it being used for ye olde "mile high club" and getting the next booking slot...
lol. My first thought was 'mile-high club' and all sorts of derivations on that theme. So... Will planned newlyweds book these 'flying bedrooms' years in advance? Could this be the ultimate wedding gift? Will there be a 'black market' for tickets to join the 'Mile-High Club' On and on... This should a fun aviation topic of conversation for many years!
I have flow ANZ many, many times from from the US to NZ. Bunk beds??? I can just see crawling out of an upper bed in the middle of the night to visit the head and stepping on someone. Don't think this will work well.


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