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Delta Air Lines orders 100 737-10s with options for 30 more jets

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Delta Air Lines [NYSE: DAL] today announced the U.S. carrier will modernize its single-aisle fleet with the highly efficient 737 MAX to meet demand as well as its long-term sustainability goals. In a signing ceremony at the Farnborough International Airshow, the companies said Delta is ordering 100 737-10 jets – selecting the largest member of the 737 MAX family – with options for an additional 30 airplanes. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 12
Now Boeing just needs to find a way to certify and build them.
Chris B 7
You can bet that both Boeing and Delta lobbyists are working hard to stretch the deadline Congress set for the Max 10.

Reality is, for Delta, this replaces the 757s except on Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific routes.
Torsten Hoff 4

I'm really curious why Delta didn't choose the A321 XLR. They already have plenty of pilots trained on the A320 series, and the XLR has more ETOPS range than even the B757. It probably comes down to money (it always does).
Peter Fuller 10
It probably comes down to money and availability. Airbus has a huge backlog of orders for all versions of the A321neo, including well over 100 from Delta. Adding more A321s in the time frame Delta may want them may have been impossible at any price, and Airbus is in the driver’s seat on pricing. Boeing needs orders for the 737-10, so probably gave Delta a very attractive price and earlier delivery positions. Supply and demand rules.

Many Delta routes don’t require anywhere near the range capabilities of the A321XLR but are well within the range of the 737-10. Plus, Delta has a pool of 737 pilots flying their current fleet of 737-800s and -900s.
Roy Hunte 4
They may be trying to level out their fleet.
Mike Boote 2
The MAX10 doesn't begin to compete with the A321 XLR. Delta has 352 A321's in operation/firm orders/options. Some of those options could easily be converted to XLR's.
Mike Boote 2
How does the MAX10 replace the 757 in any concept?
Mike Boote 4
Even Boeing admits they have nothing to replace the 757.
Chris B 4
Seat count is the only comparable metric.

Range certainly isn't.
James Simms 1
Looking @ the runway requirements, a 737-10 MAX requires 8,200’ to takeoff whereas the 757-200 can operate from the 6,500’ runway TCL currently has or even shorter runways. I see Delta 757-200’s quite a bit during the Fall @ TCL for college football charters. Even w/the proposed extension to 7,700’ for 4/22 (main runway) @ TCL, that still leaves 500’ less than needed
Alejandro green 1
All the illegals pouring in over the border will build them with there hammers and saws lol
Alejandro green 2
I have tried to hire on as a mechanic with 20 plus years of airline expieirience but its all a bunch of crap they are not hiring.Soon the US will be a third world country because nobody cares.
John Wool 1
AA is hiring mechanics like crazy. We’ve added 20 new guys to Boston alone. JFK nearly 100
pilotjag 6
This is definitely welcome news for Boeing! Hopefully with this order from a large carrier, it gives Boeing a vote of confidence and more orders from other carriers. But as people are already discussing, let’s see what happens when it comes to certification
Jeffrey Magnet 3
With Delta's influence that -10 could be certified soon...I hope. Delta probably has a much better relationship with the FAA.
Steve Stein 2
Who’s going to fly them? Doesn’t DL have a bunch of pilots reaching mandatory retirement age?
Mike Boote 2
This is a curious order to me. I can't see where the MAX10 replaces anything Delta currently flies, except maybe for their old 737-800's. Given Delta's configuration the MAX10 seats fewer than their existing 757's or A321's, with less range. Whatever the reason, I'm sure Boeing gave them a bargain basement price to get Delta back as a customer. Perhaps Bombardier should file a complaint against Boeing for dumping!! :-)
Ric Wernicke 1
Now Delta needs to hire crew to fly them.
George Lane 1
"...reducing fuel use and emissions by 20-30 percent compared to the airplanes it replaces"

Anybody know which model(s) these new aircraft are intended to replace?
Craig Ehler 4
According to internal media sources, Delta intents to use the MAX10 as a replacement for its aging A320 aircraft. With the fleet having an overall average age of 26.5 years, the A320 fleet has become Delta’s oldest fleet type. The bulk of Delta’s A320 fleet was delivered to Northwest Airlines during the early/mid 1990’s, and the fleet has remained mostly intact while the oldest 767 and 757 were quickly retired during the pandemic. In fact, post pandemic calculations indicate the 767 and 757 fleets now average an equal fleet age of 24.5 years - a full 2 years older than the A320 fleet.
LethalThreat 3
Probably the 757-200’s they use on domestic routes.
Gerry Ward 1
Flew MSP/FLL/MSP on their current MAX in March. The bulkheads in the MAX are deep into the windows and then extend out. On both flights I had a bulkhead and I was literally squashed between the bulkhead and the passenger next to me. Hopefully Delta will align their seats so that they match the window wells. I too will choose other aircraft as those two flights were the most uncomfortable ever.
Andrew Sit 1
Delta does not currently have any MAX aircraft. You did not fly on a Delta MAX out of MSP.
Gerry Ward 1
I guess the Boeing I flew MSP/FLL/MSP was a 900ER.
Marcus Giddens -1
Sorry to hear that, I am loyal Delta customer and will have to review plane options (ok, I do already!) before booking my flights, IMO they are not airworthy craft.
ronald holland 0
i wish they bring back the A380s
Peter Fuller 3
Some airlines have, but Delta never had any A380s


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