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Ghana Bans A Delta Boeing 767 (Yes, Just One)

It’s not every day that you see an aviation authority ban one specific jet from operating passenger flights to a country, but that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. ( More...

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Joe Serdynski 14
Seems the best way to get the airlines attention ! ! !
silverio martinez 9
As a Diesel Mechanic of a fleet, there’s alway one unit that will give is more problems than the rest. We fix one problem today and when the unit comes back next week, it will have another issue and so on. I think this aircraft is the same.
Nultech 3
So, it's basically a lemon? A Monday plane?
dee9bee 13
I'm flying BOS-DUB at the end of this month...I think I know which aircraft I'll get :-)
pilotjag 5
Another great article...
Brian Acquistapace 4
Nearly 25 years old and multiple delays, diversions, and cancellations to its credit in the span of about a month. Looks like a lemon to me and getting more obviously so every day. My advice to Delta is to send this plane on a one way trip to Victorville next time you take delivery of another A330. Till then, either park it or confine it to domestic duty. If an exception needs to be made, at the least it never visits Africa again. Transpacific routes are probably a bad idea as well.
Rick VanSice 2
Agree with Brian. I do think it is totally reasonable to ban that one aircraft from Ghana. Would you want to gamble with lives on the ground knowig the history of that jet? Keep it in the air, and it will wind up as a case history study on a future episode of "Air Disasters" on the Smithsonian Channel. Then watch all the ambulance chasers gather like sharks in a feeding frenzy.
stuart landau 4
I don't that that this action is unreasonable. Ghana should have the right to ban a "hangar queen" from its airspace. This is beyond an embarrassment for Delta Airlines.
chugheset 1
"Hanger Queen". I've never heard that before but I like it!
Larry Toler 9
I think it's time for one last revenue flight from ATL to PHX and just repo it to the boneyard. That is if it can even block out of the gate and take off successfully.
Leander Williams 3
Is there a lemon law for old planes? Maybe this one was ready for retirement.
mbrews 2
This 1997 vintage 767 should be recycled into a higher use , beer cans would qualify as a higher use. This bird is equipped with the troublesome P+W 4000 series engines. Obsolete and just plain worn out.

Can’t understand why Delta hasn’t retired it yet. The Ghana authorities have voted no confidence, and I agree.
Jackson Franco 9
Atlanta native here. We have banned all of Delta's jets from our lives. We fly Southwest, Frontier and Spirit and are happier than ever. We get to our vacation destinations without delays, for much less $$ and on better aircraft. Kudos to Ghana.
Leander Williams 3
If you're flying Frontier and Spirit over Delta, you must love to gamble. Spirit couldn't get you from the gate to the runway on time.
JW Wilson 5
Easy fix for Delta, change the Registration number for one roundtrip. Lol... (cheaper than fixing the aircraft)
Duane Mader 8
Many people don’t get sarcasm
JW Wilson 3
True, but this has been done for years in many situations and in many industries including the military (not that I have any direct knowledge). Not that I am advocating it, but it happens. With that in mind, was this sarcasm? Lol...
Roger Curtiss 2
Yes, but those of us that do find this quite humorous
wtwisniewski 2
There are at least three possible truths to what is wrong. A coin that flipps to heads 10 times in a row may still be a perfectly fair coin and it is just luck. There may be a systematic flaw in maintenance. Or, it's a lemon, like many cars manufactured on a Friday.
Brian Acquistapace 2
The laws of probability say it is most likely one or both of the latter two possibilities.


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