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Alaska Airlines shaves flight minutes and fuel, thanks to software from Google-backed AI startup

Alaska Airlines has reduced flight time and carbon emissions after using dispatch software from a small Silicon Valley startup. Airspace Intelligence has helped the Seattle-based airline shave an average of 2.7 minutes per flight so far this year, saving 6,866 metric tons of carbon dioxide — the equivalent of 17 million miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle, according to new data provided by Alaska. The software helps Alaska’s flight dispatchers plot better routes for… ( 기타...

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avionik99 2
All they got to do is stop having aircraft fly miles out of their way to land on another runway because of a 2 knot tailwind on the direct runway! Vegas is one of the worst when coming in from the North!! You go past the city southward then go east then go north then go west to land. It takes another 10-15 minutes! And its stupidly wasteful when you have a perfectly good N/S runway to use direct No Turns required!!


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