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United Launches In-house A&P Training Program

United Airlines is launching an in-house airframe and power plant (A&P) apprenticeship program that will train more than 1,000 people by 2026, the airline announced today. The inaugural class under the Calibrate program will start training next week in Houston. In a 36-month-long training program, Calibrate apprentices will be paid while working toward gaining their A&P certificate through hands-on and classroom training. Calibrate is a joint effort between United, the International… ( More...

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Alejandro green 7
if this and that pilot program had been available in 1984 i would have jumped on it in a minute.This is a fun job I did it for 35 years at united airlines.lots of vacation, trade days never a problem getting days off.It is the easiest and best job you'll ever find.They pay well I was proud of working at United as an aircraf technician.I carry my retirement ID card with alot of pride it makes you feel like as if a part of the airline is still with you.I can go on and on of priveledged i was to be an AMT for a major airline and all the interesting and cool people that i worked with.There was never a boring day.You apprentences stick with it and you will have a good life. I wish you all the best.Remember the travel benefits there a plus.Great job on United Airlines for doing this.
Gary Berrian 6
Great idea, however, the challenge is finding people who want to use their hands and get dirty at the same time. The Industry could use programs like this at the trade school and high school levels of education.
When I started my A&P course of work at the Academy of Aeronautics in 1977, we had approximately 130 students. In June, of 1979, 40-50 of us graduated with our AAS and A&P. The drop out rates are very high and high tuition made it difficult to continue.
I hope this program comes to fruition and the quality of instruction meets the standards for the FAA and UAL.
Good Luck.

Retired A&P Engineer and Instructor
Current volunteer in museums
John Taylor 1
I went to SIU-Carbondale in 1980-82 and we had such a demand that you had to sign up two semesters prior to get into the AvTech program. Great aviation school.
Chris B 4
Now how about something similar for Pilots?
linbb 5
Alaska has the same for pilots and doing so for A&P training is great. It trains mechanics how to work on and in the real world not just some old aircraft that was donated to a school. Where I went back in 63 for A&P training you worked on WW2 fighters, one Koren War era trainer, old radial engine AC. Actually the AC were used for engine runs only no metal or fabric work on any of them.
Stefan Sobol 3
Part of using old airplanes is that the requirements of A&P training (when I did it in the late 70's) required training on things like radial engines, paint and dope, and repair of wood structures among other things. Can't do dope and paint on a 737.
Spencer Hoefer 2
It's funny because I am in an A&P program right now and all of that is still part of the curriculum lol.
John Taylor 1
Pay attention to that stuff. The guy who can do those repairs will be in demand when the old timers die off. A ton of vintage aircraft flying. Just go to any airshow. A skilled A&P can write his own ticket anywhere there are vintage or aerobatic planes flying.
Duane Mader 2
Yep, I trained in mid 80s. Same silly waste of time. I went into GA and still never touched a radial or dope & fabric.
John Taylor 1
I repaired a Cub that got a tear in a surface. We had crop dusters that had holes eaten through by the corrosive chems sprayed that I did flush patches and lap patches on. I had to do a few plexiglass canopy repairs due to debris impact. I did a ton of fiberglass repairs on engine cowlings. The FAA expects you to be able to take your trade into any field and not just to the airlines or doing 100 hours on the flying school's or annual's on Joe Blow's 172's. Who do you think keeps those old radials flying that you see at airshows? A&P's that weren't afraid to get their hands dirty and being pretty boy airline guys.
John Taylor 1
Not every A&P became a Gucci Boy airline guy.
Anthony Spaulding 4
Already started...United started United Aviate Academy in January this year.
John Taylor 0
Isn't that their social justice, equity and diversity training academy?
sparkie624 1
They announced sometime back about starting a Flight School to get more pilots sometime back... Purchasing planes. Was abut 2 or 3 weeks back in memory serves.
Scottt Kerhaert 3
If i was 30 years younger,I would do this in a heartbeat. Absolutely.
silverio califano 2
Nothing new, the old real Eastern Airlines had the Apprentice Program where they worked in every department in the company and after about three years you got to take your FAA A and P tests.
John Taylor 1
What about orals and practicals?
John Taylor 1
Too bad UA didn't need A&P's when I was applying with them in 1982. Now they're raising their own A&P's. My first A&P job was at a local field for $4/hr. I was more ramp rat than mechanic. But I started learning to fly there using my overtime pay for trade.
Thomas Degen 1
The dope and fabric part of the requirements will have to be taught or FAA will remove from A&P course and test. There are still a lot of fabric wings still flying.
sparkie624 1
This is about the same program that GoJet airline started about 5 years ago and has been very successful.
DonDengler -6
What a pathetic situation. My beloved United to fall to the Democrats like this.


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