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Airbus Introduces New Design for A350 Jets Amidst Ongoing Dsipute with Qatar Airways

LONDON, UK — Airbus is making design changes to its A350 passenger jets amidst a $2 billion conflict with Qatar Airways over surface damage. The legal battle between the two companies centers around the safety impact of deteriorated surface paint on the aircraft, which has exposed corrosion or gaps in a sub-layer of metallic lightning protection. ( More...

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avionik99 5
Airbus needs to make this right with Qatar! If my car paint did that I would want the issue resolved at 100% manufacture expense and be compensated. Airbus is totally at fault but just refuses to pony up. They have already compensated others and changed the copper layer which is an admission they have a known problem.
Roy Hunte 13
Airbus did request that Qatar send the affected aircraft to Toulouse when the problem first became known, but Akbar Al Baker chose not to, instead choosing to make a huge fuss.

At least, that was what I read a few months ago.
Brian Chandler 1
It's a two headed monster. Airbus wanting to keep it quiet so they're not embarrassed and don't initiate a wider inspection where it may be noticed on dozens more planes, especially when they didn't yet have a permanent fix - and I still think they dont?

And yeah, Al Baker is a certified clown through and through
Your comment is an extreme oversimplification of what transpired here. If only it were as simple as your example, this wouldn't even be news. But the truth is, it wasn't!

See Roy Hunte's comment for a more accurate summary.
srobak 1
good luck with that. us auto manufacturers had this problem in the 90s and early 2ks and didn't shell out a penny to compensate.
srobak 1
good luck with that. us auto manufacturers had this problem in the 90s and early 2ks and didn't shell out a penny to compensate - nor to fix the problem.
Brian Chandler -3
First, your comment is wildly misinformed. It's not just paint failing, it's the sub-surface failing as well, likely due to the desert heat.

And second, if your car had "paint issues" you not only want them to fix it but get money out of it as well? lmao get f'd karen
I assume they mean "dispute" LOL
Mike G 1
I'm going long on popcorn!


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