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United Express E145 Overruns Runway in Lake Charles, Louisiana

On July 22, 2023, a United Express Embraer E145XR — operating flight UA4293 for CommutAir — was operating a short regional flight when it overran the runway at Lake Charles airport in Louisiana (LCH, KLCH). ( More...

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edward broff 3
Heat , heat affects performance, visibility, let’s no beat them up let’s learn
bartmiller 1
The performance tables in any aircraft handbook will have performance adjustments for temperature (and wind and runway surface condition).

If heat was an issue, the pilots should have been prepped for that. This is a standard part of preflight planning. 14 CFR § 91.103 (which every pilot studies) says:

§ 91.103 Preflight action.

Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. This information must include—

(b) For any flight, runway lengths at airports of intended use, and the following takeoff and landing distance information:

(1) For civil aircraft for which an approved Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual containing takeoff and landing distance data is required, the takeoff and landing distance data contained therein;
edward broff 1
Maybe the book didn’t have data for 110 degrees in the shade
Peter Fuller 3
AvHerald reports that flight attendant told a passenger a wind gust blew the aircraft off the runway, and that ADS-B and radar data indicated the aircraft crossed threshold at 100-150 feet above ground level.
Good thing they had 1,500 hours. Sure helps. Smdh.
John Prukop 0
James Cox 2
No points for a soft landing when the runway is that short, most likely pilot error, most likely landed too far down the runway but will have to see what the FAA investigation says.
Tammie Hacker 2
Grateful no one was hurt!
Leander Williams 2
Looks like they missed the touchdown zone.
Flying in friend’s MU2 30 +/- years ago. Overran LCH runway 23. Aircraft just serviced at PDK - brake fluid plug apparently not tightened so most leaked out & no breaks landing. Tall grass, soft mud, no damage. Whew!
Frank DeLeon 2
Hate that stupid paywall!
James Simms 2
No problems here.
bbabis -2
One good decision. Once you commit to land, land.


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