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Catering Issue Prompts British Airways to Serve KFC Onboard

On a recent long-haul flight, class divisions disappeared as flight attendants onboard a British Airways flight were forced to serve food from the fast-food chain "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (KFC) due to an apparent catering issue that occurred immediately before the flight. ( More...

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Billy Koskie 25
The quick thinking of an alternative is to be commended. Yes, probably a disappointment. But nothing compared to a severe bout of Montezuma's Revenge.
Thinking outside the box saved the day.
Tim Dyck 0
KFC has the same effects as Montezuma’s revenge.
Earl Bates 24
Compared to the last meal I had on Delta, KFC would have been a big upgrade. I think a cold beer and some KFC would be great.
Mike Mohle 3
They only have warm Bud Light.
Andrew Taylor 5
Nope. Carslberg Lager, Fullers London Pride, Stella Artois and a Craft Beer from Scotland. BA wouldn't lower themselves to serve Bud Light. Some flights have Grolsh, Guinness, and Pilsner Urquell, and Holsten Pils. All in all, a pretty good selection of Quality Beers.

Brewed in Aberdeenshire, Speedbird OG has a sharp citrus aroma, upfront zesty orange, and subtle hints of sherbet. The deliciously refreshing IPA will be available in all cabins and selected Lounges from this June– the perfect summer tipple.

I have tried that one yet.
Stephen Gordon 2
please cancel my reservation, thank you
John Prukop -4
Call it what it really is: Pedo Queer Beer!
Stephen Leftly 1
According to the report they didn't have refreshments either.
So after a salty piece of KFC chicken.......
Steve Aliamus 34
KFC or a missed connection..."I'll have a drumstick please". Good job to the BA crew for fast food thinking.
Leander Williams 10
KFC would have been a gourmet meal on Spirit.
Stephen Leftly 2
All well and good if one was paying Sprit Airlines prices....First class BA NOT cheap nor anywhere near cheap.
jmilleratp 7
Let's be honest: KFC > Catering.
Lucky folks, it's finger licking good.
Andrew Taylor 16
I worked 5 years in BA catering and temperature control is paramount and is logged from when the food was made, deep chilled, stored, transported and put onto the aircraft in insulated Cambro boxes. We pre-chilled ours in a walk in freezer for an hour, and blast froze everything to 2'C. The temperature range is 4 to 6 degrees Centigrade. If it creeps to 8'C and you can bring it down to 4' quickly you can save it, but anything over 8'C gets it condemned as unfit for passengers. Logs have to kept for 12 months and facilities and logs are audited 4 times a year. They have the toughest specs in the industry. Good work for the ground crew arranging hot food so fast.
steve elliott 10
How bout some more mashed potatoes , gravy and cole slaw please. Oh and some more napkins .
The Colonel is flying high . V 1,,,, Rotate !
James Simms 2
Huck Finn 2
Don't forget the mac and cheese!!!
Bill Overdue 0
Yousa! ... and sum dem collard greens?
Huck Finn 5
KFC-Kool Flying Cuisine
Good one Huck. Lol.
Spencer Hoefer 8
RIP to the lavatories lol
Tim Dyck 0
No kidding. Within a half hour of eating it KFC wants out and when it wants out it wants out right now!
avionik99 16
So the entire plane got 1st class food....Awesome!
Wouldn't class KFC as 1st class food.
Gloria Johns -1
Avion is being facetious.
John Prukop -4
You've GOT to be kidding! Nutrionless Frankenstein crap!
Tej Kalra 4
Commendable, innovative thinking. Better choice than the food served in many other airlines
mlevine 4
What was it we had for dinner tonight?

Elaine Dickinson:
Well, we had a choice of steak or fish.

Yes, yes, I remember, I had KFC.
Kikutwo 4
Best. Airplane. Food. Ever.
Victor Engel 6
Meanwhile, back at the KFC, they are celebrating a good day!
Brian Freeman 6
I'd fly more often if they always served KFC.
David Monroe 6
This is certainly better than egg salad sandwiches from the airport terminal vendors...
sparkie624 8
I would rather have KFC over some of the other stuff that is served!
Vaclav Koranda 4
Very true! Unfortunately...
paul patten 3
KFC over that crap(blood sausage) they serve in England.
Michael Dealey 3
I don't know why, but this story makes me laugh hysterically.
Fried Chicken.. the great equalizer.
jim sisti 6
Just guessing some on the plane were just wrapping up a week at an all inclusive resort, and skipping a meal was not going to hurt them in the least.
Obviously BA staff in NAS had to have done the contacting and leg work to pull off the KFC food run since that would require a fair amount of time to cook that much yard bird.
As for something to drink, sounds like there was a good amount of whine on board, sadly it was too bitter .
Huck Finn 3
Cooking the chicken is very quick with the pressure fryers at the store.
M. R. 2
Great, greasy finger prints a chicken smell on a long flight, sounds yummy.. let’s go Popeyes, get that frier hot
sparkie624 0
That is how the Staff knows who enjoyed them... the more Greasy Finger Prints, the more people who enjoyed them...
Bill Overdue 0
Would you prefer some tasty zuurkooland and a flat Bordeaux?
Sam Ledeeman 2
I can imagine a great KFC TV ad based on this episode!
Derek Vaughn 2
....this is better than the rubbish at the old chap's gaff in Hillingdon.
Bob Lamond 3
Does Nassau not have a Chick-Fil-A?
Fritz Cooper 6
There isn't a drive thru for commercial aircraft at Chic-fil-a. Yet.
sparkie624 3
That is because it is too far to reach from the Pilots door to the serving window! :)
Mike Mohle 3
LOL, 1 piece of chicken? Who got the scrawny wings? I would have hated to be on there a couple of hours after meal service, when everyone on board then had "The Wind".
sparkie624 1
I see now... "R I I P P P" ... A mild voice somewhere in the plane: "OMG - Who S..."
Bill Overdue 2
Sounds great, now leave it on the menu!
patrick baker 2
fish and chips would suffice for me and the other 200 passengers long-hauling food-short. KFC represents somebody thinking well.
James Simms 1
Finger Licking Good!!!!
I love Kentucky Fried! I would have been delighted.
John D 1
I guess anyone who has a special diet was SOL.
Lewis Tripp -1
Chicken, FOL
Another Aeroxplorer takeover - Flightaware, please ban Aeroxplorer!
James Simms 1
I never have problems
John Prukop -3
KFC? NO THANK YOU! It's full of partially hydrogenated oils that are super bad for your health and trigger Type II Insulin Resistant Diabetes. In fact, all of the seed type oils are super bad, like Canola Oil - which is Rape Seed Oil used to oil machinery, soy bean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, etc. If you seek good health, stay away from all those shiny looking oils on the supermarket shelves. They're poison. Ever wonder why so many have vision problems and obesity? When the Mitochondria get plugged by this stuff, everything goes to Hell.
sparkie624 3
It is better than a lot of crap other Airlines Serve and probably had more Flavor!
John Prukop 0
Yeah, right! It's THE FLAVOR THAT KILLS while you lick your fingers!
One chicken piece???

Get real
Tim Dyck 1
You’re promoting misinformation and it would be dangerous to anyone who believed you and followed your advice.
John Prukop 0
Just THE FACTS, Jack, ergh, Tim. If you think it's disinfo, you're lost in science fiction and have been watching way too much Tel-A-LIE-Vision. Some folks go to their graves, never knowing the truth. You must be one of those. Good luck.
if I had a choice, I would serve Popeye's spicy chicken and gravy. KFC has no taste because it is not cooked fully. KFC party cooks it shicken to sit hours on a steam table then be tossed to the swine. And KFC gravy, swine won't eat either, If you really want to have well fed passengers and crew, serve Wendy's junior burgers with bacon and cheese.
I would walk the length of the tarmac for a Wendy's burger,
John Prukop -2
More like "walking the plank" to your untimely death - in both instances of the Frankenstein fast food called KFC and Wendy's. Good God Almighty, do you have ANY idea what's in that crapo?
John, did you forget to put on your aviators goggles ... read what I wrote until you understand what the words said
I did not recommend KFC but you are and
Wendy's is made from All Beef Canadian Beef, on a chewy doughy bun, with lettuce and tomato with a dash of Heinz ketchup
a couple Wendy's burgers and a Chocolate Frosty make a delicious meal
John Prukop -4
Woe are thee, Michael! I read and understood all of your syntax. Problem remains, whether it's KFC or Wendy's, it's STILL processed food with a ton of Frankstein ingredients that aren't good for you. They hide the Trans-fats with ingredients like mono and diglycerides... same thing as partially hydrogenated oils, to fool the public. Your belioved Frosty contains milk, sugar, corn syrup, cream, whey, nonfat dry milk, cocoa (processed with alkali), guar gum, mono and diglycerides, cellulose gum, natural vanilla flavor, carrageenan, calcium sulfate, sodium citrate, dextrose, and vitamin A palmitate. Anything labeled as "Natural" is at once suspect. Here's an article you will do well to read to understand the issues:

In all fairness, I've had a few Frosty's and Wendy's burgers in my time while out and away from home base and they tasted good... but they're not good for you, so it's only a rare exception that I indulge. Oh, and that dash of Heinz Ketchup... that's high fructose corn syrup - another not so good thing for you.

Start reading the labels and when the total sugars and fats don't add up right, that's your clue to keep moving down the isle. Happy trails!


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