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These 5 Aviation Firms Want to Launch Their Own Space Stations by 2033

At the end of the decade, after over a quarter-century in orbit, the International Space Station (ISS) is planned to be decommissioned by NASA in order for the agency to focus on deep-space exploration, lunar flights, and journeys to Mars. That leaves low-Earth orbit, the layer 250 miles above the atmosphere, as the next frontier in commercial space enterprises. NASA seems all for it, supporting private developers via grants that promise to set off a gold rush of scientific research—and tourism.… ( More...

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Matt Smith 1
It still boggles my mind that after all the effort (read H2 and O2 ...) used to orbit the ~big-number of TONS of AL, Fe, Cu, etc, that we're going to let it all fall back down/burn up/get wasted. A low-cost space tug (which would have other uses anyway) with a high Isp engine (ion? - cheap reaction mass like frozen Argon) could be used to boost it up slowly and steadily into a less draggy orbit and keep it available. if you need a ton of Al - send a tug over there to it a few months early and have it bring a piece back to your furnace for use. the cost of launching a ton of Al has to be more than the cost - if planned early enough - of sending a machine over there to cut stuff off it.

Yes there are some things needing development:
Unmanned electric (Ion engine) high Isp tug using a cheap storable reaction mass (Ar? Water?);
solar powered furnace/melting capability;
remote manipulator / robotic tools - that can handle some time lag;
but any industrial enterprise in space will need these anyway.
Alan Cordery -2
This yesterday’s priority, all this intelligence, energy and money should be spent helping out the most interesting planet of all, Planet Earth, before the man-made climate disaster is irreversible.
One more time..... climate change is regular and cyclical. It has been doing this for eons, and will continue, long after mankind is just dust and ancient relics. To assume that we caused, or could change it, is ludicrous.
M.F. LaBoo 1
Struthio camelus.
John Prukop -1
Tricky Dick Nixon brought you the EPA in the 1970's ... that's when all this BS started, along with creepo Al Gore.
linbb -6
Well am sure they would really like to be the one who gets all of that nice TAXPAYER money to spend building it.
John Prukop 0
Unless they've found a way to blast thru the Firmament, all bets are off.


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