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Airline serves baffled passengers 'dog food' in awkward translation blunder

Plane passengers were left baffled after they were offered "imported dog food" on their flight as a menu option, rather than more palatable dishes you would usually tuck into. When flying business class, passengers tend to expect a range of fancy dishes to be served up. But when dog food appeared as an option, alongside "smoke pepper beef" and "cucumber", people were left with many questions. ( More...

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this is funny and we all need a good laugh!i do recall being served at times sonmething we jokingly used to call "mystery meat" on some flights!the very best in flight food i was ever served was on the "old" continental dc-10,(first calss)where they actually carved prime rib from a cart to your liking,and also made a desert from a cart to your liking with toppings..oh for "the good old days"!!
blt56 15
What makes anyone think it was a bad translation?
matt jensen 27
Dog food on some flights would be better than what they serve
Jaime Terrassa 4
I agree
Robert Mack 0
Matt, I have to ask: are you the cadet/graduate who was engaged to my daughter back in the 90’s? I always knew you were a wise young man!! 😆 Happy Holidays!!!
David Beattie 13
Language translation CAN be dangerous! I remember when Braniff put up billboards in Miami telling passengers in Spanish that they could “Fly naked on Braniff”!
lakemountain 11
Makes you wonder what they were serving back in economy!

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Bill Overdue -3
Oh my, nuther raycess?
21voyageur 7
Simple honest mistake. Seems they placed a national flight menu on an international flight.
Huck Finn 7
Aww shit, they mixed up the orders. The dog food was supposed to go to the coach passengers.
And on the First Class it was supposed to be listed as "nourriture pour chien".
test run , maybe better that cricket meat.
Ryan Pickett 4
The airline probably said, “Our catering should be upgraded. People are unhappy with our chef inspired cuisine. Let’s try a blend of Purina and Cesar and call it a beef patè.”
Brian Freeman 4
How do we know this wasn't just blatant honesty??
Hal Gates 3
I wasn't sure exactly how high the probability was that this was Spirit and not a mistake, but I knew it wasn't zero.
Nultech 8
It *was* zero. Spirit would never offer food, even dog food.
Colin Laraway 3
I was once offered "snake" on a business class flight on EVA. Turned out to be "snack"!
sparkie624 7
That is funny! I can understand them be Baffeled!
Nothing like a little Alpo when you’re good and hungry at 35,000 feet.
I have traditionally refused to fly to any place where dog is on the menu!
Robert Mack 3
Good point but sometimes we don’t have a choice. While in Beijing my flight attendant directed me to a restaurant’s menu and explained one item was boiled dog. I asked, “what’s it taste like” and she gleefully said “chicken”!! (I never ordered “chicken” for my inflight meal again)!
Rob Palmer 2
I remember great engine flights, but those 19 cylinders slamming away; 38 spark plugs of platinum; I feel safer today!
Sam Hobbs 2
The article says it is not known what the dish actually was. I am very interested in knowing what it was. I very much agree with the article saying that the Chinese need to get better translations and that they could easily do that if they wanted to.
coinflyer 5
In Korea I hear they eat Shih Tzu and consider it a delicacy. Perhaps that was the "imported dog food"!
Dog is eaten in China - May not have been a mistake.
Nooge 3
Dog food is not made from dog
Robert Graff 2
I’d really like to know what it was supposed to be. Was there not a Chinese language version in the same menu that someone could try to translate properly?
When we were kids, one of my cousins took a bite of a Gaines Burger on a dare (if you're old enough to remember "the canned dog food without the can" lol). He said it wasn't bad, but I think he was just trying to get us to take a bite.
Rob Roy 0
Canine cuisine is popular in China. I suspect that perhaps what they were serving to their homeland passengers might in fact be "dog".
Bill Overdue 0
Is this Canada Air shenanigans "again"? Proudly serving imported "dog food"? Where from China?
Clearly a mis-translation; was meant to say imported dog as food. Chinglish, what are you going to do..Airlines saving money hiring Chinese user manual writers as translators.
Michael Dealey 0
Just a sign of things to come.
Martha Mejia -1
“ Dog food isn’t designed for the unique nutrition needs of humans, though it is made from ingredients that are technically safe for humans to eat. Thus, it’s not inherently toxic for humans and may be safe in an emergency situation.

However, eating dog food may increase your risk of developing foodborne illness. Children are at greater risk of developing complications related to foodborne illness and shouldn’t consume dog food“

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ToddBaldwin3 18
It’s primarily a British expression. You know the old saying, “The British and the Americans are two peoples separated by a common language”. I’m not sure if this is used in Australia, but I have heard it in Canada. The first clue is the source of the article, “The Daily Mirror”
kayzee911 6
Yes, we Aussies like our tucker.
The “t” is quite close to the “f” on the keyboard.
But, fortunately, most people still know the difference.

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Michael Dealey 1
Just imagine the Palestinians are obese, disabled people who can't get on a plane without assistance. That should make it easier for you.

For those curious about this comment - see last weeks episode:;media=comment;vote_type=down;tk=169117531#320263

Note: this post has nothing to do with my opinions on the Israeli conflict.
Bill Overdue -2
Are you high? And I don't mean altitude?


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