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Delta to Offer Special Flight for Eclipse Viewing at 30,000 Feet

Delta will offer a unique flight experience for those who enjoy witnessing a total solar eclipse but from the air. On April 8, 2024, the Atlanta-based airline will offer a limited number of passengers a chance to witness the total solar eclipse from a vantage point with precision timing and panoramic views. ( More...

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rbt schaffer 8
Pop out a couple panels in the roof and you might get a look the eclipse... I've been to two eclipses and the event is up overhead. And the event on the ground is eerie when the birds roost, bugs stop, wind calms and in winter the temp drops--- just strange. You'll miss a lot in a jet
Brian Jacobs 5
But you can't look upwards in a plane so whats the point?
I'm with you, would love to hear the Delta marketing guy who came up with this explain his reasoning.
Adi Rabadi 1
You should be able to see the edges of the shadow on the ground.
strickerje 4
Unsurprisingly, this flight was already sold out when I first read about it a couple days ago.

That said, this would be better in an airplane fast enough to keep up with the shadow, such as the Concorde eclipse flight in 1973, which tracked totality for 74 minutes:,_1973#Observations
sparkie624 1
Thanks.. Good link!
avionik99 3
How does that work exactly? Only one side of the aircraft can see it at one time. They gonna add a huge moon roof? That would be cool!
Patrick Day 1
Too easy
Once enroute, the smart pilot figures out at what point the aircraft will be when the eclipse is half complete. Then, put in an early request to ATC to turn around, back track a few minutes/couple dozen miles, and turn to rejoin the route. Sure it's a bit more time and jet fuel, but that's the service the passengers are paying for and that which Delta's promoting.

Moon roof would be cool or a bubble canopy
Robert Lewis 1
Unscratched and super-clean windows would be appreciated. Actually I see only one big advantage to this and that is the opportunity to be above the weather. We went to the last total eclipse in the US 4 or 5 years ago and really got skunked. Weather was horrible for an eclipse, mostly overcast with just a few windows where the overcast thinned A LITTLE. It was a wasted trip.
avionik99 3
Oh yeah I forgot all about that issue too. Most windows are all scratched up and dirty. Hard to see out of. Good point!
It's gonna be an A220, new and with those huge windows. Should be good. I tried to buy a ticket, but all window seats sold out in minutes :-).
sparkie624 0
Modify one to be like the Space Shuttle.. Just open the Top! Of course it would be a Quite Cool Ride (Emphasis on Cool), but may be a bit breezy!
IFlyUBuy 2
Or we can watch on the internet!
rob strong 3
If you can get in the path, do it. It is easily one of the top 5 things I've ever experienced in life. You need to be in the path of totality. The longer the better, Check the interactive google and nasa map. Will give times for any point on the map
Mike ONeill 1
I flew SWA a few days after the last eclipse in the US. Flight attendant said they were late and the pilot turned the plane side to side to allow each set of passengers to see. Just good timing for the flight.
twschmidt4 1
All sold out.
rob strong 1
I was on the ground at a golf course in Nebraska for the last. Was incredible. All the geeks with their telescopes let us look through to see the moon working its way in. Would not want to be on a flight. The experience of seeing the entire area around you dim was surreal. If you've ever seen the movie Apocalypto it was exactly like that.
sparkie624 1
I too have seen an Eclipse like that... It most certainly can damage your vision to say the least.
rob strong 1
Filters and glasses until totality. Obviously.
sparkie624 1
That would be very cool to see! That is one flight that I would like to be on!
Noyb family 0
Any other “Lost” fans boarding these flights? #815? Ha ha
jrupertt 0
I was on a private jet for the last one in 2017 - flew off the coast on Washington state. The pilot did an incredible job staying i the path of totality for an extended amount of time. Once in a lifetime experience. Too bad I can't post a picture here :)
rob strong 1
Post to a site like Imgur and give us the link.


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