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Embraer Expects Marriage With Boeing To Succeed Pending Politics

MIAMI — Embraer’s CEO, Paulo Cesar, revealed that he expects his company to find a partnership with the North American manufacturer, Boeing, who’s been looking to seize some lost ground after Airbus put its hands on Bombardier’s CSeries program. ( 기타...

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canuck44 2
The article is not bad except when the author states the C-series "much needed orders". This is a little misleading as they have almost 400 on their order book and until Alabama cranks up they have pretty limited production. If Airbus utilize their A-320 production leadership and key workers they will move quickly and the question will then be the supply chain.

If they get a couple of big orders from JetBlue (who are dumping their Embraer planes as soon as they find replacements), Aeromexico, and the Lufthansa group, they will have more than enough work to keep both plants busy.

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canuck44 1
JetBlue actually announced they were replacing them as they had higher operating cost and more maintenance than anticipated so as you suggest it was no secret.


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