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Boeing Modifying 787 Tail Cone To Prevent APU Torching

Natural fuel leaks from the auxiliary power unit (APU) fueling line were supposed to drain harmlessly out the bottom of the structure, but fuel has been pooling into the APU exhaust cone resulting in the fuel torching out of the back of the tailcone when the APU is started back up again. This is a phenomena Boeing and the FAA want to avoid. Program sources say that the modification has already been installed on ZA004 and is being put into production this week. ( More...

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al fredericks 0
this is a draining situation eh!
John Hale 0
why dont we just put more fuel too it and leave the apu on and we will have a 3 engined 787. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
al fredericks 0
the little engine that could
chalet 0
Guys, this would have been the first commercial jet aircraft with one afterburner becoming faster than any Aibus that I know of (LOL)

Pilot78 0
afterburner...right LOL


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