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US Military Will Install Laser Turrets on Bombers and Fighter Jets

It was science fiction before, but now it's really happening, Young Skywalker: The US Navy and Air Force are going to install liquid-cooled, solid-state lasers in combat airplanes. Laser turrets designed to defend the planes by shooting incoming threats like surface-to-air missiles and rockets. Seriously. The above is an official concept image by DARPA, but integration is happening this year, with real firing tests coming in 2014. ( 기타...

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How to defend from lasers..... mirror.... i don't see this going anywhere
They will put them on airliners so they can return fire on morons pointing lasers at them. lol
IT's over due
Call me a cynic but I don't see this being a viable and deployed technology for at least another decade.
Downside is they'll require L-ion batteries.
for real?


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