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Painting the WestJet Magic Plane

WestJet new paint livery Sorcerer Mickey in time lapse photography. ( More...

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Hamster Vonk 7
Always love these.....I can't get a clean edge between the wall and the moulding.....these guys make it look so easy.
canuck44 3
WestJet are giving marketing lessons this week to all the East Coast high priced, over rated firms.
siriusloon -3
Do you mean firms like Air Labrador? If you mean Air Canada, their HQ is in Montreal and Porter is based in Toronto. Here's a clue: Neither of those cities are anywhere near the east coast. Too bad WestJet isn't offering geography lessons.
canuck44 6
No, I mean those in case you hadn't looked at a map lately, the border doesn't stop at Toronto nor does the Internet which transmitted those video to hundreds of thousands in the USA. Life is dark until you pull your head out of your sigmoid.
It's a great looking plane. Don't remember where it was, but it was holding for us to taxi and then lined up behind us.
sparkie624 1
I have seen this technology of painting planes before... It is a very interesting way of painting and very efficient.. That sure is a beautiful plane.
N47 1
amazing, I hope it leaves a trail of real magic dust wherever it goes, we could sure do with it!
Mark Dixon 1
Is it just me, or did they change the design early on ? It started out with a white background and they put yellow stars along the body ... but then the yellow stars disappeared when they painted the body midnight blue. Or am I missing something ?
sparkie624 1
Yup... You missed something... It is called Paint Masking... All the colors you saw are there, just some are on top of others.. More efficient of applying the paint and it will last longer.

Jim Murray 1
You can't help wondering, though, how much weight the paint adds to fuel expenditure. It's good for advertising, but must eat into profitability. The medium is the message. Remember that guy?
Ric Wernicke 3
Marshall McLuhan. Same Canuck that wrote "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out." A brilliant nut job that hid behind the walls of academia to criticize American mastery of mass communications and its world wide influence.

There is no penalty for the weight of the paint. The airplane had to be painted anyhow, the color and pattern does not matter. I'd bet this one brings more fond memories to those that see it compared to the standard livery.
cheneyja 1
Of course there is a penalty for the weight of the paint. Layer upon layer went on. Now, the effect is magnificent but what happened to the days when planes were not painted at all, to save fuel?
sparkie624 1
It is probably not much more weight that a regular paint scheme in the first place. The weight of the paint is calculated into the Empty Weight and Balance when they put the planes on the scales... Every plane out there weighs different and it has to be reweighed on a regular schedule because like some of us they gain weight... IE: A/C repairs/patches, Modifications, Dirt and De-brie that collects into locations of the aircraft that are inaccessible to clean... It all adds up.


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